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Dear Readers

The topics of the first issue of the year 2016 are a bit different than those you are used to. We could also call it “to take a look behind the scenes”. The first ‘material week’ took place in Dresden in the autumn of last year. There was a historical example for this dating back to the year 1927 when more than 235 000 visitors attended the event in Berlin. Now DGM together with the Steel Institute VDEh organized this conference combined with a trade fair with the topic “Materials of the future”. Discover more about the event and read what Dr. Frank Fischer, Managing Director of...

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Issue 2016-01-02

New Tertiary Age Museum starts in spring

On the occasion of the Stöffel-Park presentation Helmut Strauß, freelancer, took the opportunity to speak with Martin Rudolph, who manages the Stöffel-Park. Herr Rudolph, the Stöffel Park has...

Issue 2014-06

Association activities covering the topic ‚bulk solids’

The German Association of Bulk Solids (DSIV) held its annual general meeting (Fig.) within the framework of the Bulk Solids Fair 2014. Stefan Penno, the CEO of the DSIV, took the opportunity to sum up...

Issue 2015-10

AViTEQ Vibrationstechnik GmbH

AT: Give us a catchword that in your opinion best characterizes the SOLIDS 2015: Björn Finger: A catchword characterizing the fair from my point of view is “discovery platform”. Every participant,...

Issue 2010-06

European Minerals Day 2011

The next European Minerals Day will be held on 12–14 May 2011. This initiative by the European minerals sector and related organisations gives the opportunity to the European-wide public to explore...

Issue 2016-01-02

In search of times past ...

Have you heard about the Stöffel Park? If not, then it‘s time you did! The once largest basalt quarrying district (140 hectares) in Germany‘s wooded Westerwald hills, a fossil bed of global...