Terex generation 9 articulated truck range

Engineered for the toughest applications around the world, the new Generation 9 range of Terex articulated trucks (Fig. 1) are powered by Scania® engines which are renowned for high uptime and reliability. Back to back testing with the new Generation 9 Tier 4i TA300 (Fig. 2) and the previous model (Tier 3 TA300) demonstrates that the new range is not only more productive but also more fuel efficient, with a 12 % reduction in fuel consumption.


Dedicated to reducing downtime, the service points on Terex articulated trucks are designed for quick and easy access. The electronic-assisted hood raise and the fully tilting cab ­simplify access to major components and ground level service points, which further reduces downtime. As well as reduced downtime, lower cost of ownership is a key feature of Terex articulated haulers. All models in the Generation 9 range benefit from oil-cooled multiple-disc brakes on each axle providing extended brake component life, reducing service intervals and operating costs.


The Terex cab is developed around the operator to improve comfort, efficiency and productivity. The new ergonomic cab has reduced interior noise levels, more effective air conditioning, a high-quality sound system, and even a new steering wheel. Interior aesthetics have also been updated to a matte finish to reduce glare and improve durability.

The smallest truck in the range (25-t class), the Gen 9 TA250, boasts a hauling capacity of 15.5 m3 and is powered by an impressive 232 kW engine. With a 276 kW engine, the Gen 9 TA300 leads the way as one of the most powerful trucks in the 30-t class market, and this power combined with a heaped capacity of 17.5 m3, means the Gen 9 TA300 is one of the most productive articulated trucks available today. Another feature of the updated TA300 is the fully independent front suspension, which is fitted as standard. This innovative design, which is also available as an option on the Gen 9 TA250, greatly reduces operator fatigue and increases machine stability, enabling these machines to excel in rough terrain environments.


Completing the Terex range of Generation 9 articulated trucks is the powerful TA400-9 which has a maximum payload of 38 t and a heaped capacity of 23.3 m3. It has a gross power of 331 kW (444 hp), and with six forward gears and one reverse in addition to a two-speed drop box, the Gen 9 TA400 can travel up to 60 km/h.

At home on sites ranging from sand and gravel quarries to coal mines and road construction projects, offering haul capacities from 25 to 38 t, the new Generation 9 Terex articulated trucks are designed to keep your productivity levels high, fuel consumption low and cycle times short.



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