The ROHSA 3 project

Saxony mines its valuable data

Summary: Collecting, saving and making available geological data, especially data and information on the geology of raw materials is a key task of Saxony’s Geological Survey (Dept. 10 of Saxon State Office for Environment, Agriculture and Geology – LfULG). As a consequence of the sharp increase in global market prices for ores and spars since 2005, raw material deposits in Saxony moved increasingly into the focus of national and international mining companies. The diverse exploration work in Saxony following on from this led from 2006 to a strong demand for geological information and deposit data. In the ROHSA project (Raw Materials Data in Saxony), relevant geological data on raw materials such as spars and ores in the Free State of Saxony have been systematically collected, stored, the content mined and made available for third parties.

In Saxony, mineral resources and their extraction have been of great importance for centuries, after all silver mining was the primary reason for the wealth of this German state. As part of the political and economic turnaround, up to 1992 all the ore and spar mines in production in Saxony were closed. For a long time, this branch of mining no longer seemed profitable. With the increase in raw material prices on the global market from 2005, the ore, fluorspar and baryte deposits became interesting again for mining companies and investors, and the demand for information, data, drill cores and...

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