High quality end product

The right tool is what matters

I‌n order to receive a constant high material volume from a cone crusher with high final product quality, mobile cone crushing plants should be operated in the optimum range. With Kleemann cone crushers, high process reliability is already assured in the factory. Users can additionally optimise the crushing process with the application expertise of Kleemann. This is achieved with the selection and composition of the correct tool, which consists of cone and bowl liner.

Kleemann subdivides its product portfolio into two lines: EVO and PRO. The MOBICONE EVO plants are extremely versatile, easy to transport, have short set-up times and a high machine availability. The MOBICONE PRO crushing plants are ideal for the demanding work in a quarry. For this purpose, they are particularly robust and low-maintenance, very efficient and make pure electric operation by an external power supply possible.

An important common feature of the MOBICONE PRO and EVO Line: the tools of the crushing unit are available in different designs and qualities. The use of the correct tool is the key to a high-quality final product and for an hourly output that is as high as possible.

Depending on the application, a cone crusher from Kleemann delivers high tonnages for road subgrade or high-quality final products for the concrete or asphalt industry. Depending on requirements, the crushing chamber is equipped with different crushing tools. Cone crushers of the EVO and PRO Line can use Standard and Short Head tools.

Selection of the correct tool

The crushing tools must be selected based on the feed size and the desired final product so that the entire wear surface is used and the desired capacity is achieved during the entire lifetime. The Standard crushing tools cover the secondary range with feed sizes up to 240 mm. The Short Head crushing tools cover the tertiary range with feed sizes up to approx. 120 mm.

Tip for practical use

The number of crushing stages is defined by the final product. Application in the 2nd crushing stage covers final products from 25 – 80 mm, the 3rd crushing stage roughly includes all final products < 25 mm.

Tool assembly is key: combining standard or short head tools correctly

The cone and bowl must both be either standard or short head: the two versions must not be combined.

The bowls for both variants – standard and short head – are available in three designs: coarse, medium and fine. They are used depending on the required size of the final product – expressed in technical terms, in accordance with “Closed Side Setting” (CSS).

Kleemann also supplies a range of crusher tool qualities to suit the abrasiveness of the material for crushing: XPERT with a manganese fraction of 18 % or XTRA with 20 % manganese.

The following can be recommended as an approximate rule of thumb: XPERT for moderately abrasive applications and XTRA for highly abrasive applications; wear characteristics are highly dependent on material properties, moisture and the proportion of fines.

Good to know: Once the tools have been fitted, they are indistinguishable in terms of shape, so KLEEMANN has marked both the cones and the bowls, s. info box.


Info box


Identified by one marking in three designs:

• Three notches: “coarse” design

• Two notches: “medium” design

• One notch: “fine” design

Short Head

Identified by two opposed markings in three designs:

• Three notches: “coarse” design

• Two notches: “medium” design

• One notch: “fine” design


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