Endress+Hauser Group

Three companies under new management

Three managing directors of companies from the Endress+Hauser Group will be retiring at the end of 2014. At the end of the year, Managing Director Kurt Johannsen retired from Endress+Hauser Germany. He started his career at Endress+Hauser in 1981 and has been at the helm of the sales center since 1999. Under his management, Endress+Hauser was able to more than double its net sales in Germany, while the number of employees grew from 250 to over 680. His successor Günther Lukassen (Fig. 1) joined the company’s management on 1 September 2014. The graduate engineer for process technology has worked for Endress+Hauser since 1985, accruing over 20 years of experience in the German sales organization. He is known as a successful salesman and an experienced manager.

After 15 years at the helm of Endress+Hauser Austria, Wolfgang Adelsmayer retired at the end of 2014, after serving the company for more than three decades. Wolfgang Adelsmayer drove the development of the subsidiary into a modern sales and service organization with approximately 70 employees, putting emphasis on the service business. His position has been taken over on 1 January 2015 by long-time Sales Manager Wolfgang Maurer (Fig. 2). The 49-year-old has more than 13 years of experience within Endress+Hauser. Of particular note is his expansion of Endress+Hauser’s project business in Austria. In future he aims to develop the growth potential for comprehensive automation solutions.

Dr Raimund Sommer, Managing Director of Endress+Hauser Process Solutions, also retired at the end of 2014. In 2002 he joined the Group’s competence center for digital communication and integration, plant asset management and automation solutions and took over management in 2003. Since then, Raimund Sommer significantly influenced the successful development of Endress+Hauser Process Solutions, which today employs more than 160 people. His successor Dr Rolf Birkhofer (Fig. 3) was until recently Managing Director at CodeWrights in Karlsruhe, Germany – a software service provider for computer-based device integration of which Endress+Hauser holds two-thirds and the company Pepperl+Fuchs holds the remaining third. Rolf Birkhofer started at Endress+Hauser Process Solutions in 2002 and soon transferred to CodeWrights, where he took over management in 2004. Back at Endress+Hauser Process Solutions, he will continue the successful focus on digital integration and plant asset management from 1 January 2015 onwards.



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