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The knowledge regarding the basis of mineral processing is the ability to understand and evaluate processes and the sequence of operations as well as the functionality of the processing equipment. HAVER ENGINEERING imparts this knowledge in the newly developed seminars on agglomeration and cleaning technologies (Fig. 1). The associated institute of the Freiberg Mining Academy Technical University offers a basic seminar on processing machinery as well as one specialist seminar each on cleaning and washing as well as agglomeration technologies. These seminars are intended to appeal to project, planning and sales engineers in plant and apparatus construction as well as mechanical engineering.

“We want to impart sound knowledge regarding the phenomena of mineral processing”, explained the Managing Director Dr. Stephan Hüwel concerning the motivation of the company to offer seminars in this field. “This is the prerequisite to be able to optimally design processes and machinery according to the material and the corresponding ecological, economic and technological boundary conditions.”

The basic seminar will take place at the headquarters of HAVER & BOECKER in Oelde on 26.03.2015. It is primarily addressed to newcomers and staff members from other fields. This seminar is to impart the basic knowledge, which is required to understand the processes of raw material and residual matter treatment. For example, the systematic connection between material and machine will be clearly explained (Fig. 2). The knowledge regarding the main sequences of mineral processing and its most important machines will be jointly acquired based on their design, active principles and fields of application as well as the corresponding process parameters. After the seminar, the participants will be able to understand the processes and equipment of mineral processing from the process engineering point of view as well as to evaluate them as regards their suitability for certain materials.

The specialist seminars are extended vocational training events for experts in the field of mineral processing. They offer an intensive training in the field of agglomeration (23.04.2015 in Oelde) and cleaning (21.05.2015 in Oelde). In addition to a presentation of the active principles, selected machines will be compared from an economic and technical point of view. After one of these specialist seminars, the participants will be able to analyze agglomeration and cleaning processes as well as the necessary peripheral processes both economically and from a process engineering point of view, and to evaluate them as regards their feasibility. They will be able to select the suitable machinery and to carry out the dimensioning of the main units.

“Compact and precise imparting of knowledge creates the basis for the communication between qualified staff and executives. Furthermore, getting into the branch is made easier for newcomers”, said Dr. Stephan Hüwel and explained how the participants benefit from the seminars and how they can make their daily routine easier. The advantages for the corresponding companies are also evident, i.e. qualified and motivated employees are the prerequisite for the competitiveness of a company.

The costs for the basic seminar are 790 € and those for the specialist seminars are 960 €. Individual topics and training ­directly to the customers are also possible. The registration for the seminars should be made through HAVER ­ENGINEERING, www.haverengineering.de, , Phone +49 3521 409399-0.




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