Two Liebherr wheel loaders expand the state-of-the-art machinery fleet

Two Liebherr L 580 XPower® wheel loaders have recently joined the state-of-the-art machinery fleet of Willy Dohmen GmbH & Co. KG. It was as early as 1952 that company founder Willy Dohmen started his gravel and sand mining business. Today the company is divided into five main business segments and employs around 280 people. At the Geilenkirchen site, not far from the German-Dutch border, the Willy Dohmen Group extracts sand and gravel and refines the material for the production of concrete.

The benefits of the XPower wheel loaders, which combine fuel efficiency, high performance, robustness and comfort, won over the traditional company. Positive experiences with machines of the previous generation also influenced the purchase decision.

A loading cycle in the gravel plant measuring around 800 000 m² near the town of Geilenkirchen, North Rhine-Westphalia, is between 30 and 150 m. This is where the advantages of the power-split XPower drive train come into play. This brings together the hydrostatic and mechanical drive, which ensures full performance and high efficiency for all tasks. “The two L 580 XPower® units are extremely powerful and on average consume only around 13 litres of diesel per hour of operation, regardless of the application,” explains the management of Willy Dohmen GmbH & Co. KG.

The near-29-tonne wheel loaders have a considerable tipping load of 19 500 kg. They are used for about 10 hours a day. With their powerful Z-lift arm and a 5.7 m² backfill bucket, they move up to 3000 m³ of sand, gravel and double-crushed chips per day. They also work directly on the demolition wall, feed systems and load material in the gravel plant. Reliability is of utmost importance to ensure efficient workflows. With their powerful axles, robust XPower drive and reinforced core components, the XPower wheel loaders offer high availability.

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