Vibration analysis of three drive trains

The new Siplus CMS2000 Condition Monitoring System is able to monitor up to three drive trains with variable motor speeds, as well as providing improved facility for the analysis of recorded ­signals (Fig.).

Previously designed to monitor a single drive train, the latest version of the Siplus CMS2000 features no fewer than three speed inputs – one digital and two analog. Recorded signals can be evaluated using the system’s own software. Where detailed analysis is required, the signals can now also be transmitted online to the CMS X-Tools diagnostic software, permitting precise analysis of elements such as gearboxes. The analysis results can be transmitted to mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones, where they can be displayed in the form of a plain text message. The Siplus CMS2000 condition monitoring system can pick up signals through 16 IEPE (Integrated Electronics Piezo Electric) ­vibration acceleration sensors, which it evaluates, diagnoses and visualizes using a web browser, without the need for any additional software.

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