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A good weighing system relies on more than just a precise measurement process. The connected controller, also referred to as the evaluation unit, electronics or measurement amplifier, is a crucial factor in the efficiency of the system. For this reason, since the beginning of the year, REMBE® has been supplying a new controller for the C-LEVER® direct flow meter (Fig. 1). The C-LEVER® direct is equipped with EVA HighEnd, a new controller that tunes the weighing system better to customer needs.

When a company decides to install a weighing system, this is often integrated into an existing plant. The challenge is connecting the weighing system to the existing controls and programs. Software programming, add-ons, customized installations and specialized technicians incur considerable costs. Once the system has been installed, maintenance, upgrades and modifications can necessitate more support. Calling out the necessary expert on site represents another burden on the budget. The solution is a controller with all required connections as standard, enabling connection to the existing installations without additional cost – a controller that can be maintained, upgraded and modified online by the manufacturer.

EVA HighEnd supplied by REMBE® offers all these features. In addition, thanks to data logging, a wide range of settings can be stored. Updates are performed online, as are commissioning and troubleshooting. In this way, the plant operator saves money. A 5.7-inch TT colour display with touchscreen and intuitive menu navigation make operation very easy (Fig. 2).

The measurement and control units from REMBE® are optimally tuned to each other. The connections integrated as standard in the EVA HighEnd allow barrier-free communication with other systems. Different material densities, irregular material flows or extreme friction have no influence on measurement accuracy. Whether metering hot or particularly aggressive substances or for applications with high hygiene requirements, the various models of C-LEVER® direct are suitable for a wide range of bulk solids. High-grade materials are used for a rugged, durable product. Besides standard connections and sizes, individual flanges and various custom sizes of the C-LEVER® direct are available (Fig. 3). The patented measurement process of the C-LEVER® direct is based on the laws of centripetal force. It measures the bulk solids flowing onto a radial-shaped sensor surface. The measurement error is reduced to up to 0.5 %, depending on the application.

The C-LEVER® direct weighing system and the EVA HighEnd controller offer the state of the art in modern measurement systems for bulk solids. Very accurate measurements ensure efficient use of resources. With the experienced REMBE® support team and the remote maintenance option for EVA HighEnd, ­operators can safeguard the consistently high efficiency of their production.



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