Wheel washing systems in many operations worldwide

FRUTIGER Company AG was present at the IFAT 2014 from 5 to 9 May in Munich for the 8th time. For many years Wheel Washing Systems from the company FRUTIGER under the brand name “MobyDick” have been working in many operations worldwide. Whenever contaminated trucks from construction sites, landfills, extraction, industrial and recycling companies are driving directly to the public road, the Wheel Washing Systems “MobyDick” prevent dangerous contamination from getting onto the roads and highways. With over 25 years of experience in the sector of Wheel Washing Systems and over 3500 installed units worldwide, FRUTIGER group has a wide experience of keeping the public roads clean or cleaning construction vehicles. The best solution’s to comply with the different requirements from the customer on the highest level offers the three MobyDick product lines: TailorMade Line, ConLine and Demucking Line.

MobyDick TailorMade (TM) consists of a wide range of different high-grade fully galvanized Wheel Washing Systems (Fig. 1). Including a wide range of options as well as the variants for an optimal water treatment, this line is ideal for worldwide projects, with different and varying problems. Thanks to the wide range of proven solutions, every customer gets their own assembled custom-made unit.

The model line ConLine (CL) was specifically developed for the construction sector (Fig. 2). These drive-through-systems convince by their rugged and modular method of construction, a high level of functionality and mobility, and a fast and uncomplicated installation. One of the biggest advantages is the ease of conversion from one model to another variant. Thereby every unit can be changed with a conversion-package for a complete different location. The extension from 4 to 8 meters, the re-fitting with scraper conveyors as well as the mobile use, are uncomplicated and quick to achieve.

In contrast to this, it is not the first priority of the MobyDick Demucking Line (DL) to keep the public road clean but make within a few minutes the chassis, the underbody as well as the chain drives of construction vehicles free from coarse dirt – for example before repair and maintenance work (Fig. 3). Therewith the customer saves large quantities of water, electricity and laborious manual work compared to conventional methods. The DemuckingLine product will make a valuable contribution to the environmentalism and a healthier work environment.

In combination with the wide experience of the MobyDick specialists the three product lines make it possible to present every customer for every problem the best possible solution. FRUTIGER Company AG takes the occasion of this year’s exhibition to advise prospectors comprehensively and present the actual innovations.

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