Winter is coming?

Dear Readers,

We have selected the topic of potash and salt as the main focus of this issue in good time for the winter season. Even though Germany is not yet under a thick blanket of ice and snow, it is interesting to have a look at the Carrickfergus mine north of Belfast/Northern Ireland. The Irish Salt Mining and Exploration (ISME) opened up this mine particularly for the extraction of de-icing salt. From p. 24 you can read how the salt is extracted and transported to the surface.

A particularly high-quality, pure salt is extracted underground at Bernburg to the southeast of Magdeburg. The focus of this article is on the trucks equipped with protection ventilation systems to protect the drivers against dust and gaseous pollutants (from p. 26).

In the article “Mining the Arctic” (from p. 40) we go to the region north of the Artic Circle. There diamonds, gold and metal ore can be found in the crust of the earth. The special features and prospects of mining in the far north are described on the basis of various projects. Strict standards are required there, e.g. for issuing operating licences.

Dear readers, the team of AT MINERAL PROCESSING wishes you merry and peaceful Christmas holidays and is looking forward to presenting you once again many interesting new topics in 2017.


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