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At bauma 2013, five ThyssenKrupp companies will be presenting new materials, handling equipment, machinery and shoring systems. With its range of wear-resistant and high-strength special structural steels marketed under the brand names XAR®, XABO®, N-A-XTRA® and ­PERFORM®, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s Heavy Plate unit offers a broad and varied portfolio on four continents. High-strength N-A-XTRA® and XABO® grades make it possible to reduce the weight of parts in highly stressed structures such as mobile cranes and mining shields without sacrificing performance. PERFORM® was developed specifically for cold forming and is therefore a material of choice for the manufacture of lightweight components in commercial vehicles and mobile cranes. For example, robust XAR® steels significantly extend the service lives of wear parts in crushers, conveyors and mining shovels (Fig. 1).

Throughout the world, XAR® special structural steels from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe make the mining, transportation and processing of raw materials easier. Deep rock, fluctuating climatic conditions and extreme loads are no problem for the robust XAR® (eXtra Abrasion Resistant) steels from ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe. They were developed especially for applications requiring maximum wear resistance – for example in mining equipment (Fig. 2), cement plants, and earth-moving and agricultural machinery. In the minerals & mining sector worldwide they have long been a by-word for reliability. Customers in Europe, Asia and North and South America purchase XAR® steels via ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe’s global network. Only recently the steel company opened a warehouse in Taiwan especially to distribute XAR® heavy plate.

With plate thicknesses of 3 to 100 mm, XAR® steels offer optimum solutions for all areas of mining equipment. Alloyed with chromium and niobium, they display hardnesses of up to 600 Brinell, guaranteeing optimum wear resistance. Components made from XAR® steels last five times longer than conventional structural steel components. XAR® steels also meet the highest requirements in terms of quality and processing properties. They are ideal for press braking, bending, welding and cutting. In addition, with thickness tolerances as low as ±0.2 mm, XAR® heavy plate can help reduce weight.

With the spectrum of grades ranging from XAR® 300 to XAR® 600, steel solutions can be tailored to requirements: XAR® 400 is the most commonly used variant. It is suitable for example for screening and crushing machinery. For components subject to less extreme loads – for instance in conveying troughs in mining – XAR® 300 is recommended. This steel combines optimum surface quality with outstanding cost-effectiveness. XAR® 600 offers the highest wear resistance – for use for example in heavy dump trucks. For applications in excavating and earth-moving machinery where the going is particularly tough, XAR® HT (High Toughness) is the material of choice.

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