Elsner-Transporte relies on Hyundai wheel loader

HL960A for use in stone-free sand, crushed sand, chippings and topsoil

Founded in 1992, the family-owned company in Naunhof, 30 km southeast of Leipzig, operates 46 trucks, including around 30 dump trucks. The latter are used within a radius of 50 to 100 km. For the company’s own gravel pit, Alexander Elsner, the managing director responsible for technology, procured a 19-ton Hyundai HL960A wheel loader at the end of 2021. It will be used in the company’s own gravel pit, where stone-free sand, crushed sand, chippings and topsoil, among other things, are extracted. In addition, the HL960A can be used at the customer’s site together with a screening plant. The transport company’s distinctive feature is its fleet of red dump trucks. It transports its own construction materials or is on the road on behalf of customers – for example, to remove excavated material or milled material.

  The new Hyundai HL960A loads crushed sand in the gravel pit of Elsner-Transporte in Naunhof
© Hyundai/OBA

The new Hyundai HL960A loads crushed sand in the gravel pit of Elsner-Transporte in Naunhof
© Hyundai/OBA

The relationship with Hyundai and the Hyundai dealer Tecklenborg Baumaschinen has existed for a long time. Three years ago, a 14-ton HW140 wheeled excavator was purchased for sand and clay mining and for smaller civil engineering work. This was followed in November 2021 by the HL960 A with hydraulic quick coupler with 3.5-m3 bucket. The wheel loader, moved by a fixed operator, performs around 700 operating hours per year. Special equipment includes a retrofitted calibratable Pfreundt scale.


The service is carried out by Tecklenborg technicians who are very familiar with the machines. Alexander Elsner “screens” each machine. Each machine has its own cost center to closely monitor consumption and maintenance. All machines are moved by permanent drivers and remain in the fleet for around 10 years.


Managing Director Engineering Alexander Elsner has good contact with Tecklenborg Baumaschinen; he points out, “Initially, a HW140 wheeled excavator was purchased for gravel and clay mining and excavation work. At the end of 2021, a new 14-ton wheel loader was due. Since it was available in the desired equipment, we went for the HL960 A.”

  Stockpiling of mineral mix is also part of the wheel loader’s work spectrum
© Hyundai/OBA

Stockpiling of mineral mix is also part of the wheel loader’s work spectrum
© Hyundai/OBA

The HL-A wheel loader series in detail

Automatic engine shutdown keeps fuel consumption and emissions tightly under control at the right time. The HL-A Series shuts off the engine when idling. The operating mode and the time the engine “idles” are adjustable by the operator according to working conditions, which in turn increases efficiency.


The standard five-speed transmission with lock-up clutch also further reduces fuel consumption. An ECO indicator enables consistently economical operation by frequently checking machine conditions.


The ECO display changes color with engine torque and fuel efficiency. Fuel consumption values such as average consumption and total consumption are also monitored and displayed on the monitor. The standard ECO accelerator pedal differentiates between economy mode and performance mode - in economy mode, fuel consumption is significantly lower. A “speed limit” can be set for HL series operators between 20 and 40 km/h in a way that is optimal and effective for the particular application.


ICCO (Intelligent Clutch Cut-Off)

In H-mode, the intelligent clutch cut-off function ICCO reduces power loss at the torque converter. The reduced heat generated by ICCO benefits fuel efficiency overall. The hydraulic limited-slip differential increases productivity and saves fuel by preventing tire slippage.


New cab with more comfort for the operator

Quiet, safe and comfortable, plus 10% larger - the new ROPS/FOPS cab with fully adjustable seat offers the operator an ergonomic and extremely pleasant workplace. It is exceptionally soundproofed and uses state-of-the-art sound-reducing techniques to ensure maximum quiet when working in noisy environments such as gravel pits or waste depots. The new air conditioning system maximizes heating and cooling performance by optimizing airflow in the cab. The electro-hydraulic joystick makes it easy to guide attachments, which benefits productivity and fatigue-free operation.


Infotainment system for high operator comfort

The 7-inch monitor operates similarly to a smartphone display. It is also larger than on previous models and easy to read. The audio system including radio has an integrated Bluetooth hands-free system and a built-in microphone, allowing the driver to take and make calls in the cab. The infotainment system also offers the operator the option of using Miracast. With this system, he can use his smartphone’s WLAN to put the cell phone’s functions on the big screen - including navigation, Internet surfing, video and music playback. All models in the HL range are available with optional joystick steering. The touchscreen monitor and electrohydraulically pilot-controlled levers are used to adjust end-position damping, bucket priority and lock position for the boom and bucket.

Technical data

Model HL960 A

Weight 19 500 kg

Engine Cummins B6.7 (stage V), 168 kW

Tires 20.5 R 25

Bucket volume up to 3,5 m3

Dump height 2935 mm



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