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Mendiger Basalt relies on HB 7000 with full-service rental contract

Since 2012, Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG has been using Epiroc hydraulic breakers for direct extraction in its basalt quarry in the Eifel region. The company is now modernising its fleet with an HB 7000 from Epiroc, which is equipped with the HATCON fleet management system. For the first time, Mendiger Basalt has opted for a full-service rental contract, which covers both the maintenance of the equipment and wear and consumables, such as chisels etc.


Recently in use at Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG: The HB 7000 hydraulic breaker from Epiroc
© Epiroc

Recently in use at Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG: The HB 7000 hydraulic breaker from Epiroc
© Epiroc
The Eifel-based company Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG, is modernising its fleet with an HB 7000 hydraulic breaker from Epiroc, equipped with the HATCON fleet management system. The breaker was presented by Epiroc’s sales partner A.B.T. Abbruchtechnik GmbH, which can draw on many years of co-operation with Epiroc and in-depth expertise in handling Epiroc attachments, particularly in the heavy-duty sector.


Mendiger Basalt rents its new hydraulic breaker under a full service agreement, which includes all maintenance work as well as wear and consumables. The rental is calculated on the basis of the actual operating hours, which are recorded using Epiroc’s HATCON system. “This combination creates optimum planning security for both companies and enables extremely reliable planning of maintenance work, which leads to very high availability of the attachment and a reduction in downtime costs,” says Marvin Venker, Managing Director of A.B.T. Abbruchtechnik, at the handover of the hydraulic breaker.


Attachment tools instead of blasting

For some time now, Mendiger Basalt has been using hydraulic attachments instead of the usual drilling and blasting methods, which brings a number of advantages for the company. Direct extraction without explosives results in significantly less noise and environmental pollution, increases work safety many times over and enables extraction despite neighbouring residential areas. Large-scale barriers and the associated work interruptions are completely eliminated, allowing work to be carried out in several areas of the quarry at the same time. Even inhomogeneous rock is no longer an obstacle thanks to the use of hydraulic tools, as high-quality material can be extracted directly and precisely. “Thanks to the interplay of all these factors, the costs of using hydraulic breakers are not significantly higher than for conventional blasting work,” summarises Rainer Krings, Managing Director of Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG.


Top-class robustness and efficiency

The heavyweights among the Epiroc hydraulic breakers, the HB series, have been specially designed and developed for direct extraction from the wall, primary demolition of massive reinforced concrete structures and for use in secondary crushing in quarries. “The perfect tool for easily extracting and crushing basalt, an extremely hard volcanic rock,” summarises Rainer Krings, Managing Director of Mendiger Basalt Schmitz Naturstein GmbH & Co. KG.


The patented Intelligent Protection System (IPS) facilitates positioning and offers maximum protection against empty strokes by automatically adjusting the switch-on and switch-off behaviour during work. This enables maximum efficiency to be achieved with minimum risk, even under difficult conditions. Overall performance is optimised by the integrated AutoControl system, which automatically adjusts and coordinates the impact energy and number of blows during

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