steinexpo 2023

The path to success leads through helping hands

Back in 1990, a unique trade fair with a unique selling proposition was born from an idea. Almost 33 years later, steinexpo has lost none of its appeal. While other trade fairs are still struggling with the consequences of the last few years, the current level of registrations for steinexpo 2023 is even higher than the comparable level for the last time the fair was held. More than 260 exhibitors with approx. 370 represented brands have already made binding bookings for their participation. This means that almost 90 % of the available space has been allocated.

  Countdown to the reunion – steinexpo has always been proud of its technical and conceptual partnerships
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Countdown to the reunion – steinexpo has always been proud of its technical and conceptual partnerships
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This is an extraordinary success that the organisers had not expected. In the end, however, the ongoing crises and challenges of the past and present also show who you can rely on in case of doubt. Not only have the technical and conceptual partners remained loyal to steinexpo, they have even increased the intensity of their cooperation. Therefore, it is time to let them speak for themselves. In the following, the steinexpo partners themselves report on the role they play as technical and conceptual partners what makes steinexpo special for them and what they are most looking forward to at the upcoming fair.

The fact that the trade fair is increasingly able to shine internationally is also reflected in the partnerships. But first a look at the origins. Even at its first edition in 1990, steinexpo was able to rely on flank protection from the Federal Association of Mineral Raw Materials (MIRO).

  Strong together – The joint opening of steinexpo with all partners by buzzer has become a tradition. This year, with even more “helping hands” and new faces
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Strong together – The joint opening of steinexpo with all partners by buzzer has become a tradition. This year, with even more “helping hands” and new faces
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Walter Nelles, deputy general manager and spokesman of the MIRO management, reports: “MIRO is the conceptual sponsor of steinexpo, and has been from the very beginning. Immediately after the fall of the Wall, representatives of the former BVNI (Federal Association of the Natural Stone Industry) and the Stein-Verlag owner at the time Wilhelm Jösch put their heads together and ‘invented’ steinexpo. The idea was that eastern and western companies in the natural stone industry and the supplier industry should come together at an ‘industry event’. The BVNI working group ‘quarrying and processing technology’, a body in which natural stone companies and the association’s extraordinary members had been working together since 1981, welcomed this idea of a ‘showcase’ at the German level. The display of the exhibits in a large quarry, i.e. ‘on site’, and of course the demonstrations of the machines were particularly fascinating.

Despite the now numerous brands represented, you feel at home and every exhibitor invites you to talk shop – incidentally also to make small talk, because you know each other – the big stone family comes together. Six long years have passed since the last steinexpo. There will be a lot of new equipment to see. It will also be of interest to see how the digitalisation push initiated by Covid-19 has arrived in practice and how it is being accepted. Energy efficiency and its implementation will also be a topic. And finally, extensive handshaking with old acquaintances and new friends.”

The big stone family comes together ...

At the beginning, it was the predecessor association BVNI (Federal Association of the Natural Stone Industry), now known as MIRO (Federal Association of Mineral Raw Materials), which supported the young, then completely unusual trade fair, but later it was joined by the VDMA Construction Machinery and Building Material Plants Association and the VDBUM (Association of the Construction Industry, Environmental and Mechanical Engineering).

Joachim Schmid, Managing Director of the VDMA Construction Machinery and Building Material Plants Association, reveals: “The steinexpo is an excellently organised demo fair where people interested in the industry can see the machines live and even touch them. We promote this event in our network and organise a supporting program in close coordination with Geoplan to make steinexpo attractive for visitors and to present the construction machinery sector for what it is: an exciting industry of the future. We started working together in 2008, and of course the live character is the decisive factor at steinexpo. This is simply where practical experience meets. Especially when it comes to the digitalisation of machines, a lot is happening right now, and we are very excited to see what useful features we will be shown on site.”

“For two decades, we have been supporting Geoplan’s impressive concept for organising and running steinexpo. We offer an on-site information stand on the safe use of machinery and equipment in the construction process. We are very much looking forward to the competent networking discussions on site with trade exhibitors and all other interested parties – to find out which association services we can use to meet the challenges of the industry together with our members,” reports Dieter Schnittjer, Member of the Board and Managing Director VDBUM Service GmbH.

This is where practical experience meets

Over time, a sounding board developed that promoted the steinexpo idea in the raw materials and building materials industry, in recycling, in the construction industry as well as in the construction machinery and building materials plant world. With the entry of the German Demolition Association in 2021, the demolition technology segment was finally fully manifested. Andreas Pocha, Managing Director of the German Demolition Association, DAV, reveals to us: “The character as a demonstration fair gives this trade fair a unique selling point that makes it interesting for everyone who prefers to see machines live and in action.”

The increasing internationality of the fair is now also reflected in the partnerships. The UEPG (Union Européenne des Producteurs de Granulats), the European aggregates association in Brussels, has been a technical and conceptual partner for a very long time and provides support along the way – with well-known assistance. Dirk Fincke, Managing Director of the European Aggregates Association, UEPG, emphasises: “Together with our German member, the Federal Association of Mineral Resources (MIRO), we would like to strengthen the European component of steinexpo and the potential for this. We have been present at the opening for several years. Especially in times like these, we need innovative solutions for more energy and material efficiency, recycling, biodiversity, electrification of machinery, renewable energies and alternative fuels. Here, steinexpo not only offers solutions by catalogue and view, but also directly the opportunity to test machines and equipment in practice. We are particularly looking forward to the exchange with companies from our industry and our partners in the fields of machinery, equipment, (renewable) energy, biodiversity and environmental management. Because we are happy to take both the concerns and approaches to solutions back to Brussels, in order to influence European legislation in a correspondingly constructive way.”

With the newly acquired official partnership of steinexpo with IMA Europe (Industrial Minerals Europe; Brussels), another milestone in the successful international industry cooperation has been reached. Ignacio Gentiluomo, Communication Officer, IMA Europe, reports: “IMA-Europe is looking forward to participating in steinexpo 2023. As the voice of the European minerals industry in Brussels, we want to get closer to our members and the industry as a whole. The industrial minerals sector stands for sustainability, responsibility, occupational safety and the implementation of ecological-technical visions for the future more than many give us credit for. The steinexpo is a place to make this more visible to all and for scientific exchange and interesting networks at regional, European and international level. IMA-Europe’s members have participated and updated us on this event for a long time, and this year we finally decided to join in, too. As the decisive EU voice of industrial minerals producers and importers, we couldn’t miss this chance to meet with companies, authorities, and the broader value chain. We look forward to seeing everyone in August, demonstrating how we are helping and representing industrial mineral companies from Brussels.”

Fair life begins at 33 years ...

Even after such a long time, this fair has lost none of its popularity. Quite the opposite – it becomes clear that it is the implementation of precisely those ideas that originally led to the creation of the fair that ensure the trade fair is and remains successful: A unique atmosphere “on site”, where experts from all areas of the raw and building materials industries come together and experience the achievements of the industry live together. And they can also “get a taste” of things to come. For a good reason the motto of this year’s steinexpo is “Quarry Vision”. In the visionary exhibition area of the same name, visitors can get a taste of tomorrow’s ideas during the entire trade fair.


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