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Who still thinks in generations today? Often in public life, decisions are already wrestled with for the next 5 years... A small Swiss village in the canton of Lucerne does things differently. The municipality owns the Ballwil gravel plant. Gravel has been mined there for 60 years – and it will continue to be for decades to come. So the citizens of Ballwil have decided that an excavation washing plant should be built. This decision has the advantage that the life of the deposit will be extended and also the landfill located on the site will be loaded with much less cover material. ASE Technik AG from Hochdorf in Switzerland has been contracted to build this plant. You can read more about this in the report starting on p. 6.


Raw material processing, especially comminution, is the subject of the technical article by Prof. Georg Unland: „Comminution of raw materials – The collision mechanics of impact and percussion comminution“, from p. 46. For decades, crushers and mills have been built and used for crushing mineral raw materials. The design of such plants is often based on experience gained through years of study of the crushing behavior of these materials. In this article, the impact theory on which the comminution of particles is based is examined in more detail and expanded to include the central parameter of the coefficient of restitution.


In addition, the Focus Industry section contains a whole range of new and further technical developments that were presented at steinexpo 2023 in August.


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