AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide is the counterpart to AT MINERAL PROCESSING Europe and is an English-only edition distributed exclusively outside Europe.

Focusing on the various process stages of mineral processing, such as crushing and agglomerating, screening and classifying, material transport and storage, the journal highlights both technical and economic aspects.

The target audience of AT MINERAL PROCESSING Worldwide are decision makers in mining and extraction industries (ores, potash and salt, fertilizers), non-metallic mineral extraction and processing, sand and gravel plants, other processing industries (cement, lime and gypsum) and construction waste recycling plants.

Issue 2020-12 Valuable resource

Sand extraction through mobile processing

Summary: A flourishing construction industry without sand is unthinkable. According to OneStone Consulting, around 10 to 15 billion tons of building sands are required worldwide each year [1]. In...

Issue 2020-12 A complete package offer and performance concept

Innovative screening solution that helps customers reach their full productivity potential

P‌eak Screening is a complete package offer and performance concept designed to ensure every square meter of a customer’s screening is as productive as it can be for their unique operation. This means...

Issue 2020-12 Solving problems

Ten common mistakes in conveyor specification and design

Conveyor systems are the lifeblood of a wide range of bulk material handling operations, including mining, coal and ore processing, aggregate and cement manufacturing. Modern systems are being tasked...

Issue 2020-11

Digital efficiency in two large iron ore export terminals in Brazil

F‌LSmidth has received an order for its BulkExpert™ digital solution from a customer in Brazil. The solution will fully automate the stockyard operation of two large iron ore shipping export terminals...

Issue 2020-11

Major contract and large spare parts orders for SCHADE

I‌‌‌n October 2019, in the presence of the Russian President Vladimir Putin, the first of two coal and iron ore handling lines was commissioned at the new Taman Seaport built by the Russian company...

Issue 2020-11 New standards on the market

SBM presents the JAWMAX® 200 – a powerful mobile jaw crusher

O‌ver the last 70 years, SBM Mineral Processing has developed into one of the leading international suppliers of complete processing and concrete plants. With the new JAWMAX® 200 mobile jaw crusher,...


Intelligent agglomeration technology for recycling steel mill residues

M‌ost metallurgical processes are characterized by a gas flow through the material bed. Thus fine particles are carried away and have to be filtered after the metallurgical device. Every modern...

Issue 2020-11 Green technology sets standards

Asphalt production in Sweden at the highest level

I‌n a quarry with connected asphalt mixing plant, the Swedish operating company Asfaltbolaget Sverige AB uses highly modern technology in combination with a perfected process chain to increase quality...

Issue 2020-11 Innovative partnership

Extended trolley line test track at Erzberg  

A‌t bauma 2019, VA Erzberg and Liebherr have concluded a development contract for a Trolley assist system for the T 236 (100 t mining truck). Since then the iron ore mine has been testing the...

Issue 2020-11 Perfect for coal storage

BEUMER Group provides engineering of stockpiles for the coal industry

H‌ard coal is temporarily stored in stockpiles and then continuously fed to be processed, as needed. The design of the depositories must ensure constant filling and reliable emptying. The required...