Mining... our monthly topic.

Issue 2018-07-08

Mining technology also delivers a brilliant performance in the quarry

T‌he Truffer AG extract Vals Quartzite in their own quarry, and have set themselves the goal to carry out all further processing steps, up to the finished product, exclusively in the quarry in Vals....

Issue 2018-06

Production of selected mineral aggregates

High-quality sands and gravels long ago evolved into special products, as a result of rising demands for quality. In many sectors, classical wheel-loader aggregate mixes have now become inadequate for...

Issue 2018-04 Entwicklung • Development

Global mining trends 2018

Summary: The mining industry faces important challenges. Although commodity prices are on the rise again, most markets are still facing high costs and severe competitive pressures. The capital ratios...

Issue 2018-01-02

The ROHSA 3 project

Saxony mines its valuable data

Collecting, saving and making available geological data, especially data and information on the geology of raw materials is a key task of Saxony’s Geological Survey (Dept. 10 of Saxon State...

Issue 2017-11

Rare earths: Cooperation between Fraunhofer and China

R‌are earths are a key raw material for many high-tech products and are almost exclusively mined in China. The Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft institutes involved in the lighthouse project “Criticality of...

Issue 2017-09

Production of rough diamonds

Current market and technology trends

Summary: The production of rough diamonds already reached a peak value more than 10 years ago. Predictions see a continuation of the market downturn for mined diamonds up to 2030. Nevertheless, the...