Jig, heavy-medium separators
Separating equipment
Flotation equipment
Optical and sonsor-aided sorting processes and equipment

Issue 2023-05 Energy-efficient ejection module

Optimised XRT ore sorting solution for fine particles

TOMRA Mining has launched a new ejection module for its proven COM Tertiary XRT sorter specifically developed for sorting small particle sizes. The COM Tertiary XRT Fines sorter, featuring the new...


New eBook highlights how mining operations can benefit from data-driven quality control with their connected TOMRA Mining sorters

A new, free-to-download publication outlines the different ways today’s advanced digital sorting data services can help mining operations stay in control at all times, take quicker action when...

Issue 2023-04 Sustainable future

Mining: a vital link in the transition to a net-zero economy

Modern society is heavily reliant on metals and minerals and the demand is growing, driven by a combination of global trends. The rising urbanization and higher living standards are pushing up the...

Issue 2022-11 Wide range of products

New markets for Mikroman Quartz mining operation

Turkish Quartz mining company Mikroman Maden A.Ş., established in 1991, first adopted sensor-based sorting technology at three of its processing plants in 2018. It installed three high-capacity TOMRA...

Issue 2022-09 Rising demand

Adding value of Lithium from contaminated material

The Mt Cattlin mine, owned by Galaxy Resources Ltd (part of the Allkem group of companies), is located in the Great Southern region of Western Australia. Having recommenced operation in 2016 following...

Issue 2022-07-08 White gold

Premium talc with sensor-based sorting technology

It was the 1980's in the Slovak district of Rožnˇava: during exploration in the area, a talc deposit was discovered. Soon it became clear that it was not just an ordinary finding but one of the...

Issue 2022-06 Pre-concentration to higher ore grades

Three STEINERT KSS sorting systems extend the life of mine in Mexico

In 2018 an industrial mineral mine in central Mexico installed its first Steinert ore sorter to improve the run of mine grade, which had gradually been decreasing with the aging of the mine. This...

Issue 2022-06 Sensor based ore sorting

Added value from waste at Mina Esperanza de Caravelí in Peru

The integration of TOMRA’s ore sorting technology at Mina Esperanza de Caravelí in Perú is a story of close collaboration between two companies that share the same philosophy: make the most of natural...


bauma 2022: overcoming the hurdles of digital construction sites

A number of barriers standing in the way of digital construction sites – particularly the lack of data standards – must be eliminated. Industry experts will explore the challenges and solutions during...


TOMRA Mining appoints Kai Bartram as Global Sales Director

Kai Bartram has been appointed Global Sales Director of TOMRA Mining. He joined the company on November 1st, 2021 and will be based at the Company offices in Wedel, Germany. In his new role, he will...