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11/2018 Trend reversal

Metal ore mining in Europe

Summary: The mining industry in Europe has lost its influence. While Europe accounted for almost 40 % of global mining output at the beginning of the last century, it now has a share of only about 3 %...


Erzlabor: A spin-off for raw materials characterization

Profound understanding of raw materials’ characteristics is essential for process and resource efficiency in the mining as well as in the recycling sector. Materials characterization has become a...


Journey round the world

Trends in coal and ore transportation

After the figures for maritime transportation of coal and ore recently stagnated, a slight increase is forecast for the coming years. The following article describes ...


Energy efficiency • Energy intensity in copper and gold mining

Summary: Mines are faced with numerous challenges, such as falling raw material prices, declining metal grades in the ores and higher energy prices. Especially because ore processing is particularly...


Ore dressing aimed at the global market

The operators of the La Parrilla tungsten and tin mine in south-western Spain have entrusted the processing of extracted ore to the German mining specialists in order to achieve their production...


Pneumatic flotation Application of Hybrid Flotation in the beneficiation of iron ore

Summary: Primetals Technologies has already successfully introduced the Hybrid Flotation technology for beneficiation of non-ferrous metals. The increasing demand for highly enriched iron ore...


Boom - New era for lithium

Summary: Triggered by a boom for electric vehicles, the market for lithium is expected to triple within 10 years. The following report outlines the background to this development and discusses the...