24th SaMoTer Innovation Award – Construction machinery of the future takes the stage

Hybrid or electric machinery developed for earth moving and various applications in the hoisting/lifting world. Technologies that improve operator safety and comfort are aspects that can make all the difference on construction sites all over the world. New IT systems and software ensuring better production process efficiency. These are some of the solutions in the limelight at the 24th SaMoTer Innovation Awards organised by Italy’s most important exhibition dedicated to construction equipment, scheduled 3-7 May at Veronafiere Exhibition Centre.

Sixteen winners were honoured in the various competition categories as well as a design award
© Veronafiere, Ennevie

Sixteen winners were honoured in the various competition categories as well as a design award
© Veronafiere, Ennevie
“The main focus of SaMoTer 2023 is on innovation, and in particular two topics of great importance: the ecological transition and the digital transition,” said Maurizio Danese, CEO Veronafiere. “We are delighted to see that the competition awards have also taken this direction. We are preparing the new show which, thanks not the least to SaMoTer Lab and Cantiere Digitale (The Digital Construction Site), will turn the spotlights on to the real and effective implications of new technologies, automation and digitalisation.”

During the gala
© Veronafiere, Ennevie

During the gala
© Veronafiere, Ennevie
The winners of the competition were presented with their awards the Prize-Giving Ceremony for the International Technical Innovation Competition which inaugurates SaMoTer B2Press, a networking event for exhibiting companies and journalists representing the most authoritative Italian and international publications in the construction sector, as well as a stepping stone towards the 31st edition.

“The Innovation Award has two objectives: to acknowledge investments made by companies to develop cutting-edge machinery and technologies and to provide sector operators and the trade press a chance to learn about the latest developments,” Sara Quotti Tubi went on. “It is a qualified showcase focusing on technical and technological evolution in the construction machinery sector. Competition entries included machinery, equipment, plant and prototypes characterised by new design and/or practical innovations in use, as well as fundamental improvements to existing machines.”

Maurizio Danese, CEO Veronafiere, and Sara Quotti Tubi, Event Manager Veronafiere
© Veronafiere, Ennevie

Maurizio Danese, CEO Veronafiere, and Sara Quotti Tubi, Event Manager Veronafiere
© Veronafiere, Ennevie
“I was delighted to see that the SaMoTer Innovation Award attracted impressive participation even by leading global manufacturers, who are always keen to gain ground in terms of competitiveness,” said Costantino Radis, sector journalist and Chairman of the Jury for the SaMoTer Innovation Award. “This once again confirms SaMoTer's vocation as a platform for international promotion capable of accompanying and supporting progress in the sector.”

The jury of university professors, researchers, technicians and sector experts of proven experience included Costantino Radis, technical journalist (Chairman), Maurizio Quaranta, IPAF representative for Italy, Massimo Bardissone, mechanical engineer, Cristiano Costa, technical service manager with Unacea, Enrico Lovera, building contractor, Jean Noël Onfield, technical journalist, Sebastiano Pelizza, professor emeritus, Marco Prosperi, general manager of Assodimi, Alberto Seco, industrial designer, Daniela Grancini, technical journalist and Lucas Manuel Varas Vilachàn, technical journalist.

The jury announced sixteen winners this year in the following macro-categories: hydraulic excavators, telehandlers, lifting machinery, plant, attachments, software applications and other machinery. A design award was also made.

  The winners
© Veronafiere, Ennevie

The winners
© Veronafiere, Ennevie

The winners


DEVELON, former Doosan Construction Equipment, winner in the category Hydraulic Excavators with 14W EREV

The 14W EREV is a compact electric wheeled excavator designed with a regenerative drive system (eDrive), an advanced swing system (eSwing) and eWorking systems ensuring maximum efficiency with zero emissions. Intended for urban settings, the machine ensures maximum versatility in every situation, including improved visibility to ensure safe surroundings.


WACKER NEUSON, winner in the category Telehandlers Compact with TH412e

The compact design of TH412e electric telehandler means that it can operate in very confined spaces. The Li-ion battery management and monitoring system increases efficiency and safety; continuous autonomy of up to 3.1 hours with the standard battery or 5.2 hours with the optional battery. The rear recharging hatch is easy to access and ensures and convenient recharging.


MERLO, winner in the category Telehandlers Medium with 30.7

The 30.7 compact telehandler raises safety standards thanks to a specific safety system, cab suspension, active people-recognition system, a LED lighting system that ensures optimal visibility in all conditions and real time machine function monitoring system, whereby the telehandler's functions can be limited or programmed in accordance with operating requirements.


MAGNI, winner in the category Telehandlers Rotary with RTH 10.37

The strengths of the new RTH 10.37 telehandler are the operator-oriented design of the cab, with a larger windscreen on the upper part for better visibility of overhead loads, and the user-friendly software. With a maximum lifting capacity of 10 t and a maximum lifting height of 37 m, this machines competes directly with the small crane sector.


AIRPLATFORM, winner in the category Lifting Machines Platform with UP&DOWN TB22-9

The Up&Down TB22-9 is a platform for inspecting viaducts and infrastructures. It can be mounted on category B vehicles and will be totally automated, thanks to 4.0 technology. It can operate on steep, sloping terrain and pass over the safety barriers along the sides of viaducts. Thanks to the three arms and the range of motion of the three joints, it can also switch without from the “overhead height” mode to the “under bridge inspection” mode without requiring manual intervention.


JMG CRANES, winner in the category Lifting Machines Mobile Cranes with MC-250.09FL

The MC250.09FL is capable of lifting significant loads when positioned close to the machine as regards centre of gravity but even at some height. The machine is equipped with a fully integrated, fully electric state-of-the-art cab yet equally evolves the concept of fully electric forklifts: the lifting column can be combined with the fork carriage as well as a hydraulic crane arm with an electronic system, load indicator and tip-over momentum limiter.


BLEND PLANTS, winner in the category Plants Mobile with C022

The Blend C019 and C022 are two prototype C Series material transport and unloading dump bodies featuring a belt discharge system designed for horizontal dumping without a tip-up dumper or truck-to-truck dumping involving various types of material. The innovation is based on straightforward transport and unloading of asphalt, stone and sand without using a tipper. Total safety is assured, without any risk of tipping over and without any interference caused by cables or on-site equipment.


GHEDINI ATTACHMENTS, winner in the category Attachments Demolition Hammers with EPB 48

E-Attacments are accessories for electric machinery powered entirely by electricity, with voltage settings of 48, 96 and 600 V. They perform all the functions of modern equipment at a third of their cost since they do not involve parts subject to wear and ensure the definitive elimination of hydraulic fluid. They also significantly reduce noise pollution.


MANTOVANIBENNE, winner in the category Attachments Demolition and Recycling with SH600R EAGLE 3

EAGLESHEARS 3 is the latest-generation of compact, sustainable and powerful shears, with a shorter frame than previous models. They provide a remarkable weight-performance ratio and better excavator stability thanks to shifting the centre of gravity to the rear. A single, built-in cutting guide means the mobile leg can provide 100% cutting capacity even at difficult angles.


SIMEX, winner in the category Attachments Road Maintenance with ART 1000 – Asphalt Repair Technology

Simex ART 1000 is patented equipment for mini-loaders (track loaders, skid steer loaders) used to repair small areas of deteriorated road surfaces using cold asphalt regeneration technology. It re-uses 100% of the material found on-site without removing milled material or adding other aggregates. This technology avoids completely disrupting vehicle traffic and ensures immediate usability of the road after repair work.


MALAGUTI EARTHMOVING EQUIPMENTS, winner in the category Attachments Utilities with VARIABLE VIBRATION DEVICE

The variable vibration device, mounted on a vibro-driver means vibrations can be eliminated by balancing the masses involved. It is possible to adjust equipment vibrations gradually; even when starting and stopping, moving masses from maximum to balanced vibration eliminates uncontrolled vibrations.


MINITOP, winner in the category Attachments Track-Loader Applications with Tracksformer

The Tracksformer system ensures that skid steer loaders can perform in every location since the tracks, without treads and duly drilled to allow bolts to be fitted, are transformed in relation to work requirements thanks to 4 types of tool: Snow, Work site, Asphalt, Underwood. Assembly and disassembly can be performed independently, thereby turning a skid steer unit into a highly versatile and high performance system that adapts to specific application environments.


MAESTRO QUARRY OPTIMIZATION, winner in the category Software Applications Plants with Q-PILOT

Q-Pilot streamlines production processes for crushing, screening and washing plant in the mining and recycling sector thanks to recognition sensors with artificial vision and a machine-learning algorithm. This means that every machine involved in work cycle operates under their ideal design conditions in relation to the raw material being processed. Advantages include reduced overheads and lower CO2 emissions, as well as increased safety at work.


HIDROMEK, winner Special Design Prize in the category Software Applications Operating Machines with OPERA

The Opera Remote Workstation controls Hidromek wheeled and tracked machinery remotely, via the 5G network infrastructure. This eliminates the harmful effects of on-site work and can also be used as a simulator for operator training. Opera is a product in its own right as a modular control unit that adapts to all cabs. Standardise Unify all Hidromek machinery controls on a single platform.


KATO IMER, winner in the category Other Machinery Track-Laying Transporters with CARRY 107 EP and CARRY 105 EP

Carry 105 EP and Carry 107 EP belong to the new family of electrically powered mini-dumpers with universal removable batteries. A wheel-mounted construction site recharging station completes the technical solution. They have an on-board mechanical power generator with an electricity power supply unit that is completely interchangeable with the internal combustion engines driving the mini-dumpers themselves. Among other things, this allows retrofitting fleets of mini-dumpers with conventional engines already in circulation.


ROTAIR, winner in the category Other Machinery Utilities with MDVN32B and MDVN32E

The MDVN 32E was developed to supply compressed air on construction sites without needing internal combustion engines: it can therefore operate where diesel engines are forbidden. Nevertheless, a Stage V 40 HP petrol engine can also be mounted on the same chassis and bodywork capable of delivering 3200 l/min at a constant 7 bar. Such power, for a diesel engine, could only be achieved with an electronically managed, common rail engine with post-treatment exhaust gas.



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