BHS Sonthofen: New Chemical Engineering Handbook on solid-liquid filtration for the process industries

The new handbook on "solid-liquid filtration" serves as an engineer's guide for the analysis and optimization of filtration processes. The authors, Barry A. Perlmutter and Detlef Steidl, describe the basic principles and mechanisms of liquid-solid filtration and the current state of technology, thus providing a basis for implementing new ideas in practice. They present diverse applications for solid-liquid filtration and provide recommendations for the selection, operation and optimization of filtration systems.


The authors first convey basic background knowledge, after which they describe various types of filtration, filter media and filtration aids, as well as test methods. They explain the criteria for the selection of filter systems and typical methods of plant operation, providing recommendations for the analysis of bottlenecks and for solving problems. The new book is intended as a tool for practitioners. It is practice-oriented and describes processes in a brief and precise way. This allows "filtration newcomers" to learn the ropes, while "experienced hands" are able to acquire a quick overview of the current state of technology.


The book, which forms part of the "Practical Guides in Chemical Engineering" series, thus is filling a gap, as there has been little literature to date of a practical orientation on solid-liquid filtration. Various graphic examples from practice are presented by the authors to illustrate the use of filtration systems. Check lists provide guidelines to rapidly identify filtration selections and troubleshoot existing processes. The content is supplemented by a glossary of technical terms.


"Solid-Liquid Filtration", Elsevier Publishers, paperback and e-book, 122 pages, EUR 24.61, ISBN 9780128030530


Free copies for review are available from BHS Sonthofen:

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