Meeting of the building materials industry

The Building Material Days 2015 including the 18th Day of Building Materials Recycling will take place for the fourth time in this constellation in Filderstadt near Stuttgart on 21 and 22 October 2015. More than 400 representatives from administration, planning and engineering offices, building material manufacturers as well as from building contractors regularly gather every year at the industry meeting to inform themselves about topics, such as the financing of mobility, innovations in the field of road construction, master regulation and the substitute building materials ordinance (Fig.).


The first day will begin with the controversial issue of the Federal Transport Plan 2015, which is to be passed by the end of this year. In this connection, building materials as well as concepts and measures for the active reduction of traffic noise are to be presented from the point of view of the ministry, the industrty and research. In the afternoon participants will discuss the demands on the construction of country roads and the influence of the placing conditions on the water permeability of layers with no binders in road construction. The major topic on the second day will be the future of mass flow management on a federal and regional government level. After a long standstill, further discussion is needed with regard to the new working draft of the master regulation from the summer of 2015, with the initiated “Management Game of the Master Regulation” and with the ambitious timetable laid out by the Ministry of the Environment, Nature Conservation and Nuclear Safety. New findings regarding aspects of the environmental quality of recycling building materials in Baden-Württemberg will be presented in the afternoon.

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