Best practices in mining geostatistics

Did you know that CFSG, the high-level training program in geostatistics from the Paris School of Mines, is now provided online and open for application?

Apply now and become an expert in your company!

Get your seat in MINES ParisTech, one of the most prestigious French institutes of education and research, a cluster of excellence, the place where the Geostatistics theory was first developed.

The Geostatistics Team from MINES ParisTech and Geovariances bring together their experts and teachers to offer in 2022 a new online edition of their Specialized Training Cycle in Geostatistics, known as CFSG, a high-level and comprehensive training program in mining geostatistics.

CFSG 2022 is a 10-week comprehensive online training program in geostatistics spread over ten months starting from February 2022. It is meant for mining geologists and engineers who are willing to achieve a high level in geostatistics or refresh their skills.

By attending this training program, participants review all aspects of mining geostatistics, learn the theory behind each technique and put their new knowledge into practice through numerous exercises and a real-life project. They return to work with a solid understanding of the theory and application of geostatistics for mineral resource estimation.

The program is made of 6 modules. The first one is mandatory and lasts 3 weeks. The 5 following modules can be attended à la carte, independently from each other, and last 1 or 2 weeks depending on the topic. The knowledge acquired in each module is validated through an examination. You receive a training certificate for all validated modules.

Note that we will adapt to your time zone for the correction of practical exercises and all the theoretical courses are recorded.

CFSG program content and registration for different modules

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