Freiberg conference „Processing and Recycling 2020

© Ulrike Mehl / Bauverlag BV GmbH

© Ulrike Mehl / Bauverlag BV GmbH
At present, the organisers of the specialist conference on Processing and Recycling are assuming that the existing restrictions will be largely lifted by November. It is therefore planned to hold the conference in the tried and tested manner. A final decision on whether and in what form the 2020 conference will actually take place will be made at the end of August 2020.

The conference is organized by the Gesellschaft für Verfahrenstechnik UVR-FIA e.V. Freiberg in cooperation with the Helmholtz Institute Freiberg for Resource Technology and the TU Bergakademie Freiberg.


Date: 12. and 13.11.2020 (Thursday and Friday)

Conference venue: Lecture hall, Chemnitzer Str. 40, 09599 Freiberg

31 July 2020: Deadline for registration for a lecture and submission of the abstract

End of August 2020: Decision on whether or how the conference will take place, followed by notification of the speakers (confirmation/rejection)

September 2020: if necessary, dispatch of invitations with conference programme and activation of the online registration form


All interested are invited to participate in the conference with a 20-minute scientific (specialist) presentation.

Conference topics will be “Mineral Raw Materials – Recyclables from Waste“ with the focus on

• Machines, instruments und sensors

• Processing of primary raw materials

• Processing of secondary raw materials/recycling


A template for the summary can be found at homepage (left overview of conferences).

A committee consisting of representatives from the three organizers selects the contributions for the conference program. The information on whether a contribution has been included in the conference program will be sent by the end of August 2019.

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