Microtrac’s BELPORE Series for Mercury Porosimetry

The new BELPORE mercury porosimeter
© Microtrac MRB

The new BELPORE mercury porosimeter
© Microtrac MRB
With the mercury porosimeter BELPORE LP / MP / HP, Microtrac MRB now offers a product for the characterization of fine, porous materials. The mercury porosimetry technique is one of the most widely used methods to investigate the porous structure of solid samples in a quantitative way. It provides reliable information about porosity, pore size/volume distribution, bulk and apparent density for most porous materials, regardless of their nature and shape.

In the modular BELPORE series the LP (low pressure) model not only serves as a mercury filling station for the dilatometer, it is also a measurement device for measuring large pores from 3.8 µm up to 1 mm and more (ceramic coarse filters, catalyst carriers). Thanks to the unique vertical filling process, the vacuum can be controlled in a way that allows for analyzing moist materials. After filling and measuring the large pores, the BELPORE MP (medium pressure) is used to measure inhomogeneous materials like concrete or mortar, where a larger sample volume is required. Homogeneous porous materials, like fine ceramics or electrodes, with a substantially smaller sample volume, however, can be measured over the full pressure range with the BELPORE HP (high pressure) model. The combination BELPORE LP / HP is suitable for high-resolution measurements over the entire pore size range from > 1 mm to 3.6 nm and particle diameters from 3000 µm to 15 µm.

The pressure increase in the BELPORE analyzers is automatically controlled and optimized with the Pressurization by Automatic Speed-up and Continuous Adjustment Logic (short: PASCAL), resulting in shorter measurement times with constant equilibrium conditions.



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