Competent partner for filling technology

At SOLIDS Dortmund the Möllers Group presented its extensive know-how as a supplier of innovative equipment to meet practically all needs for filling solid, liquid and paste products. The services of this group of companies range from qualified engineering through realization to comprehensive after-sales services that ensure the efficiency of customer filling processes in the long term (Fig.)

The company’s portfolio begins with innovative machines based on different principles of operation, models and sizes for filling very fine- to coarse-grained solids into sacks and large containers. Rotary Impeller Packers fill fine to extremely fine materials into valve-sacks with high filling capacities. Where small to medium filling capacities are required, In-Line Impeller Packers from the Möllers Group come into their own. Valve sack applicators of various types based on different operating principles take sacks from a magazine supply, open the valve and feed them onto the filling spout of the bagging machines. Once the valve sacks have been filled, the Group’s valve sack closing devices go into action. Using ultrasound, they weld or seal the valves prior to sack removal. The Group’s portfolio comprises equipment in different field-proven models for filling materials with special flow-mechanical properties into valve sacks and open-mouth sacks. Also ­supplied are pneumatic, vacuum and open-mouth net filling machines. Form-Fill-and-Seal machines (FFS), filling equipment for big bags and octabins as well as filling equipment for liquid and paste materials round off the Group’s range of equipment.

For palletizing and packaging, the Möllers Group has extensive field-proven know-how, both for single plants as well as for turnkey cross-process solutions from one source.

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