Pumped Up! – A game designed for miners

1990s kids had Crash Bandicoot, Gen Z has Fortnite, and soccer enthusiasts have FIFA; in 2019 there is a game for everyone. Now, with Pumped Up! Weir Minerals introduces a game for miners.


There are always lulls throughout the day. Whether you’re a Fly-In-Fly-Out (FIFO) waiting for your next connecting flight, or a maintenance inspector waiting for your shift to begin, Weir Minerals have created a fun and simple game designed especially for the mining industry. “We created this game to educate our customers on our dewatering capability in a fun way. Pumped Up! uses a variety of Weir Minerals dewatering equipment, to move water around a fictional mine site,” explains Ian Ross, Global Product Manager for Dewatering at Weir Minerals.


Each of the ten levels presents players with a different dewatering obstacle to overcome, from recycling, to flooding, to underground mines and long distance pump requirements. Levels increase in difficulty, and the number of points awarded is determined by how long each level takes to complete.


Pumped Up! was released as part of Weir Minerals’ 2019 Take Control Of Your Water dewatering solutions campaign. Through articles, expert profiles, and case studies, the campaign demonstrates how Weir Minerals utilise their engineering and project management capabilities, together with a wide range of equipment to deliver an optimised dewatering solution unique to every customer site.


Head to www.dewateringsolutions.weir to play the game and challenge a mate on your next lunch break!


About Pumped Up!

To play, click on a pipe to rotate until it fits in place with an adjacent pipe. Keep rotating different pipes until you have made an uninterrupted path from the start to the finish, but know that not all pipes on a level need to be used for you to successfully transport the water from point A to point B. Sometimes it might take a while to find the right combination, but remember you’re up against the clock! So, keep trying until you can smash through the levels and race your way up the leader board.


Products included as part of Weir Minerals’ dewatering solution in Pumped Up! include Warman®, Geho®, Floway®, and Multiflo® pumps as well as Isogate® and Delta® valves, and Linatex® hoses.




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