Resand's solution helps Valmet's foundry industry to increase sand recycling rate

The cooperation between Resand Oy, which specializes in foundry sand regeneration and recycling, and Valmet Corporation will expand with the Sand As A Service agreement signed in December 2023. The new agreement includes an environmentally friendly sand recovery and recycling service. The service will significantly increase the recycling rate of the sand used by Valmet's Jyväskylä foundry, while at the same time reducing transport and emissions.

Resand sand reclaimer unit
© Resand

Resand sand reclaimer unit
© Resand
The Resand® (SAAS) solution offers foundries sustainable savings compared to current practices in the foundry industry. Thanks to the recovery solution, CO2 emissions from sand use and transport can be reduced by up to 80 %.

In cooperation with Resand, sand from Valmet's Jyväskylä foundry will be regenerated at Resand's Nuutajärvi plant and recycled back to the Jyväskylä foundry, allowing the regenerated sand to be reused in the foundry's production processes. They have provided a similar service to Valmet's Valkeakoski foundry since 2019.

“Sustainability is at the heart of Valmet's business strategy and all operations. Our climate program – Forward to a Carbon Neutral Future - sets ambitious targets also in our supply chain and we believe that technology has a crucial role to play in mitigating climate change and global warming. In the foundry industry, we also want to lead the way in environmental protection and increase the recycling rate of the sand we use. Results have been very promising, and we will continue to increase the amount of recycled sand. The sand recycling technology innovated by Resand, and their service concept seem to support notably the improvement in foundry’s recycling rate and therefore also Valmet’s climate program’s goals,” states Valmet Jyväskylä’s foundry director Ilkka Rytky.

“It is great to be able to support Valmet's strategically important and central climate program and sustainable development. I am very proud of our expanded and mutually satisfying partnership with Valmet. Our long-standing customer relationship is deepened by this agreement. The foundry industry is constantly looking for new solutions to support sustainable development. With our patented sand regeneration technology and our innovative Resand® solution, we are systematically contributing to the green transition in the foundry industry”, says Kalle Härkki, CEO of Resand Oy.

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