Spiroflow launched next-generation twin-line bulk bag filling system

Spiroflow, an Automated Handling Solutions (AHS) company, has launched a next-generation twin-line bulk bag filling system. Following extensive research and development, the new system addresses the limitations of slow, outdated equipment that was prone to spillages and excessive product and dust emissions.


Introducing several key features that significantly enhance production capacity, weigh accuracy and operator ergonomics, the twin-line system is able to handle up to 20 x 500kg bulk bags per hour on each process line - a total of 40 bulk bags. Weigh accuracy is a key aspect of the new system as it achieves an impressive -0/+500g per bulk bag - this precision ensures consistent and accurate filling of each bag, minimising product waste and optimising inventory management processes.

One of the system's notable design innovations is the incorporation of a raising and lowering filling head, specifically engineered to improve the ergonomic load of empty bags for operators. This feature aims to enhance operator comfort and safety, reducing the risk of workplace injuries.

The integration of auto-release hooks and roller conveyors streamlines the entire filling process, allowing for seamless and automated transfer of full bulk bags from the filler to the conveyors. This automation minimises the need for manual intervention, further enhancing efficiency.

With a strong emphasis on housekeeping, each filler is equipped with an integrated and independent dust extraction and filter system. This ensures that product and dust emissions are minimised, maintaining a clean and safe workspace for both operators and the environment.

The system includes a customised platform design that complements its functions and facilitates operator workflows to optimise operational efficiency. This design consideration ensures smooth operations and enhances the overall performance of the filling system.

The inclusion of an automated roller conveyor system enables the smooth transfer of full bulk bags throughout the entire system, significantly reducing the need for manual handling and increasing overall throughput. In addition, the auto-dispensing pallet system efficiently places the pallet in position before loading the empty bag, simplifying the bag-loading process and saving valuable operator time.

Safety is a top priority in the design of the new bulk bag-filling system. The equipment is fully enclosed with safety fencing and features interlocked access gates to prevent unauthorised access while ensuring that the equipment operates safely and efficiently.

The new bulk bag filling system combines enhanced production capacity, precise weigh accuracy, ergonomic design, automation, safety features, and customised platform design to create a state-of-the-art filling solution that optimises efficiency, minimises waste and ensures a safe working environment.

"We are excited to introduce this revolutionary double bulk bag filling system, which addresses our clients' needs for increased productivity, accuracy, and safety," said Spiroflow’s Rhodri Jones. "This advanced technology not only enhances operations, but also contributes to a more sustainable and efficient working environment. The new system is currently in use with a powder manufacturing company, where it has considerably improved throughput, safety and efficiency.”


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