UltraTech Cement Ltd. and Gebr. Pfeiffer – Continuation of a successful co-operation

As the largest cement plant operator in India and one of the top ten in the world, UltraTech Cement Ltd from Mumbai, India, is contributing to shaping the future of the cement industry. To build three new clinker production lines, the company will once again be using state-of-the-art vertical roller mill technology from Gebr. Pfeiffer. A corresponding follow-up order was awarded to Gebr. Pfeiffer SE, Germany, and its Indian subsidiary Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd.

At the Happy 3 plant, the cement raw material will be ground in an MVR 5000 R-4 mill. With a 5300-kW drive, this mill can grind approx. 705 t/h to a product fineness of 1.5 % R 212 µm. The integrated SLS 5300 VR high-efficiency classifier, with optimised flow and electrical efficiency, separates the product to achieve the target fineness.

For the grinding of approx. 45 t/h of pet coke or approx. 90 t/h of coal, three vertical roller mills of the type MPS 3550 BK will be supplied. These are equipped with a 1300-kW gearbox, as standard. By using Pfeiffer MPS mills, Ultratech is able to process both pet coke and coal, as well as any mixture of these two materials, at the same speed of the grinding bowl, thus avoiding three expensive frequency converters. The new coal mills will be equipped with an integrated high-efficiency classifier type SLS 3750 BK of the latest design.

The picture shows an MVR mill of similar size (Type MVR 5000 R-4)
© Gebr. Pfeiffer

The picture shows an MVR mill of similar size (Type MVR 5000 R-4)
© Gebr. Pfeiffer
It is important for UltraTech's stock of spare parts that the latest MVR mills are characterised by grinding rollers based on the R=C principle, as this brings significant advantages for the customer. It means that these mills are equipped with grinding rollers that, equipped with the corresponding grinding elements, can be used, along with the appropriate power modules, for raw meal grinding as well as for cement grinding. As the components of rollers, grinding roller suspension system, roller arms in cement and raw mills are identical with the ones which the customer has already received from Gebr. Pfeiffer, he requires a smaller number of spare parts in stock. This is because the components mentioned can be used for all his cement and raw mills.

The MVR 5000 R-4 mill for the Happy 3 plant has four actively redundant grinding rollers and can also be operated with two grinding rollers in the event of planned or unplanned maintenance work. This mill can then still produce approx. 70 % of the nominal capacity, so that the cement rotary kiln can continue to be fed with raw material.

The MVR mills are equipped by Gebr. Pfeiffer with the modern systems for preventive, maintenance-oriented condition monitoring. This will enable the customer to implement modern, digital maintenance concepts. The MPS mills will be prepared to include such options at a later point in time.

Order execution will be jointly by the subsidiary Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd. and Gebr. Pfeiffer SE (Germany). The entire customer support and plant engineering will be carried out by competent Pfeiffer engineers in Noida.

The core components, such as gearbox, grinding bowl, grinding roller suspension system and the grinding rollers, are supplied from Europe by Gebr. Pfeiffer SE. The remaining components, such as the foundation parts, the housings, the classifiers and most of the plant components will be provided by Gebr. Pfeiffer (India) Pvt. Ltd.

The Customer Support Centre in Noida, being close to the customer, will later also provide support for the plants. This can be done in real terms by sending personnel to the plants or via remote data access. For this purpose, Gebr. Pfeiffer offers hardware and software solutions, which are supported by competent technical personnel during normal office hours, if possible in the local language.


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