When the jaw crusher bucket becomes a primary crusher in the quarry

If you need to install a new crusher or replace a stationary plant some factors needed to be considered: desired output, targeted amount of production, installation stage, maintenance costs and process. But mainly the choice needs to be cost-effective.

A BF90.3 crusher bucket is installed on a 32 ton Caterpillar 325 excavator in Peru
© MB Crusher

A BF90.3 crusher bucket is installed on a 32 ton Caterpillar 325 excavator in Peru
© MB Crusher
MB Crusher attachments are portable jaw crushers which work using the hydraulics of the heavy equipment where they are mounted. Reliable. Robustly constructed. Easy to maintain. Easy & safe to operate. The solution for your needs. MB Crusher units offer unmatched production flexibility, they do not need any special transport to be moved. They move attached to the carrier, it is as simple as that.


The MB Crusher jaw crusher bucket in the quarry

In Latvia, our customer has been accumulating granite in his sand quarry as an overburden. Stockpiling the rocks was a waste, so they attached a BF90.3 jaw crusher to their Volvo EC220 excavator to process the rocks directly at the quarry a one-man one-machine job.

Without the MB Crusher self-contained plant, they had two choices to process the pile of granite, either take it to another quarry where they have a mobile crusher or bring the mobile crusher with special haulage to this quarry. Both case scenarios resulted to be expensive, therefore to avoid wasting money they kept accumulating. Now using the MB’s attachment permitted them to reduce the granite, reduce the cost per ton of the product obtained and sell the reduced rocks at a competitive price while still making a good profit.

Granite processing in Latvia

Moving more than 13 000 km across the equator we have another customer that uses an MB Crusher attachment BF120.4 as a primary jaw crusher to reduce limestone in Chile. Directly with their Doosan at the extraction point, they reduce the rock to be used for concrete production. By using the crusher bucket they have all the flexibility they need, the excavator can easily reach different areas of the quarry to tackle several types of material to crushing, without having to include any other machine or truck. The method is extremely cost-effective.

Limestone crushing in Chile

Time is of the essence to save money. And MB Crusher units are great time savers. Even during installation and the output size change stages as they can be done in less than an hour without the need to take the unit to the workshop. When working with chalk our Peruvian client was able to adjust the output to the size required by his clients, incrementing the commercial demand for its products.

Working with chalk in Peru


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