Well sorted is half the battle

Dear Readers


Each day the limitation of our raw material resources is the subject of discussion by the media. The industry responds with a more effective use and preparation of the raw material sources and the increasing recovery of secondary raw materials. Another aspect is the increase in the efficiency of raw material extraction so as to remain viable. In the April issue of AT with the focus on “screening, sorting and classifying” the article “Intelligent sensor systems” (p. 40) presents relevant measuring principles of sensors and the involved possibilities of sorting involved during raw materials extraction. Under the category „Focus Industry“, a new sorting system for the extraction of copper parts from shredded metal scrap based on an in-line X-ray fluorescence analysis (p. 39) is presented as an addition to the above contribution.


In “Multiple cut-points” (p. 54), Haver & Boecker presents the new NIAGARA M-Class® for fine and very fine screening. References for this new screening machine can be found in the quartz industry and in underground mineral salt extraction. The article “Strongly interwoven” tackles the topic “screening” from another point of view (p. 60). Here different kinds of screening cloth and fixing methods are discussed based on the fields of application. We invite you to read the many additional interesting reports in this issue, for example concerning the establishment of a resource institute in Freiberg.


I wish you much enjoyment reading this issue!


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