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As is generally known, gold has a very high non-material and material value. The extraction of this precious metal is relatively costly, particularly as the deposits are often not very productive. However, there is a cost-effective process - heap leaching - that can be used even in deposits poor in metals to extract gold and other metals profitably. At present the attention is focused on the newly developed BioHeap process. You can read more about this in the article “Renaissance of heap leaching for valuable metals” by Dr. Joachim Harder (p. 54-69). In addition to market trends and technologies, Dr. Harder describes in the usual profound way the safety standards and economic backgrounds illustrated by examples from selected projects.


The report “Skako Vibration modernizes coarse and wet screening plant” (p. 27-33) as well as various application reports in our section Focus Industry (p. 34-46) deal with the topic of how increased safety standards, in addition to efficiency and increased performance, can be achieved by retrofitting or replacement and streamlining.


You will find these and many other topics in our current issue.


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