Komatsu to present economic solutions

On the open-air exhibition ground C15 at the steinexpo (Fig. 1), Komatsu will demonstrate convincingly the highlights of the most advanced concepts covering all aspects of the stone industry. In addition to commentaries on the use of large machinery, concepts and solutions in the value chain of the quarry will be presented at the stationary stand, i.e. from exploration to close down.

Not only the qualitative machinery highlights will be avail­able for the experts at the stand with an area of 1000 m², but the Komatsu European product specialists will also be present. In addition, the complete team of German distributors and dealers, who, in a gigantic area called the DOZARENA, will demonstrate clearly the modern-day services provided and will present offers and ideas covering all matters concerning Komatsu.

Machines from Komatsu are operating productively everywhere, whether for overburden stripping, raw material production (Fig. 2), primary crushing, reclaiming, stockpile service, refining of finished products and renaturalisation as well as for recycling and reprocessing. For theses purposes off-road haulers, wheeled loaders, bulldozers and excavators of various sizes and designs are on offer.

For practical raw material production, when it comes to ripping and loading, you will find at the guided demonstration area the crawler excavator with a bucket capacity of 5.3 m³ and a weight of 80 tons as well as the off-road hauler HD605-7 with a payload of 65 tons. In this case a daily output of approx. 2500 t can be achieved.

In addition to the classic quarry machinery, such as wheeled loaders for reclaiming, a crawler-type vehicle with ­Topcon control and a crawler excavator including Lehnhoff ­Variolock, the highlight of German construction machinery and equipment, the hybrid excavator HB215LC-1, will also be presented at the Komatsu stand.

In addition to the machines, the modern concepts presented in the DOZARENA are convincing. They include:

1. Komtrax: Fleet management is becoming more and more important. To have the fleet of machines under control requires a modern, satellite-based online fleet management system. Komatsu’s Komtrax system is worldwide the most advanced fleet management system in the sector. Preset categories make it possible to initially subdivide the equipment according to essential parameters without being forced to make a closer examination of individual equipment. The lists include a summary of all connected machines including data on operating hours, fuel consumption as well as all evaluations regarding hydraulic operation in the Eco mode.

2. Topcon: Shows a positioning and control instrument with a revolutionary technology. 2D or 3D positioning offer the advantage of reducing the site costs, such as working hours and machine hours. 3D terrain modelling by means of laser scanning, the mobile acquisition with IP-S2 as well as online accounting can essentially increase the effectiveness in quarries.

3. TCO: ‘Total cost of ownership’ is the result in €Cent/ ton. After surveying of the quarry face, an individual job analysis is carried out taking into account material, quarrying times, staff and fuel costs.

4. Komatsu second life: A small presentation of cost reduction shows how a used body is dismantled completely, restored and assembled again, i.e. it is released into a second life.

5. Komatsu Finance and Komatsu Maintenance: Everything is covered with highly interesting service and finance programs, such as for the WA470.

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