Long-throw atomizer delivers high-efficiency evaporation

A global innovator in atomized mist technology has
introduced a long-throw evaporator engineered to reliably dissipate excess water in large areas. Initially targeted to mining, oil/gas (including coal bed methane), quarrying and water treatment applications, the new DBE-1000 (Fig. 1) from Dust Control Technology features Teflon® spiral nozzles for efficient droplet dispersal, designed to minimize fouling and clogging. With its flexible plume height to adjust droplet drift, the unit delivers excellent evaporation rates from the droplets’ long hang time. DCT has specialized in atomization equipment since the company’s inception, and the new product family is considered a natural extension of the firm’s existing expertise.

“Atomization is a complex process, with specialized nozzles creating droplets of a controlled size, then using a powerful fan to compress the air through a tapered barrel and propel the mist over a large area,” commented CEO Edwin ­Peterson. “This particular design is best suited to large volumes of wastewater, where low amounts of dissolved solids are present and particulates are small.”

The large size and weight of the DBE-1000 typically dictate that it be located on land, and the mobile unit allows easy repositioning to accommodate wind speed and direction. The design atomizes the water supply to create the optimum droplet size for efficient evaporation, and the high air velo­city from the unique fan and barrel design launches the mist up to 200 feet (approximately 60 meters) (Fig. 2). “Annual evaporation rates up to 75 % have been achieved with the DBE-1000, with averages usually in the 25 %-65 % range,” Peterson continued. “Actual rates in a given application depend on several factors, including ambient temperature, humidity, wind and the make-up of the water.”

The new evaporator has evolved from a decade of experience in outdoor industrial applications, with critical components manufactured from stainless steel for extended life in harsh operating environments. Designed for reliability, longevity and easy maintenance, the fan motor has proven to deliver long service life in wet conditions, and pre-lubricated, sealed bearings eliminate the need for weekly or monthly lubrication.

Standard configurations for the DBE-1000 include a 25 HP motor wired for 3-phase, 480 volt, 60 cycle service or 3- phase, 400 volt, 50 cycle power, with motors for other voltages available on request. The aluminum blades rotate at 1800 RPM with 480 volt/60 cycle power, or 1450 RPM with 400 volt/50 cycle service. The stainless steel manifold is designed for a flow rate of 66 GPM (250 LPM) at a water pressure of 100 PSI (7 bar).

Available options include oscillation up to 359 º, a Y-line manual flush filter for water with high solids content, and corrosion-resistant paint for harsh service environments. The DBE-1000 will be one of the models added to DCT’s large rental fleet, available for long-term lease, short rentals or rent-to-own.

In addition to evaporation equipment, DCT also supplies ancillary components such as pumps, valves, controls, sensors and automation – all designed to withstand difficult conditions. To collect and manage data that’s critical optimum ­efficiency and maximum performance, weather stations from DCT can monitor temperature, wind and humidity, delivering feedback to operators and/or a central computer to control direction, droplet size and flow modulation at each individual machine. Dust Control Technology is a pioneer in atomized mist equipment for mining, quarrying, waste water treatment, recycling and scrap processing, with complete resources to plan, design, engineer and install all aspects of water management, including equipment, automation and computerization.The technology allows customers to minimize water from mining, oil and gas operations, reducing volumes in an economical and environmentally responsible way.

Waste water treatment operations also benefit from more efficient evaporation to reduce land-applied rates and gray water output, and some locations have been able to expand the capacity or extend the life of current facilities. The systems’ accelerated evaporation rates are also being used to design new facilities with greater wastewater handling capabilities. For more information, visit


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