Mineral Processing in Austria

The reason to compile and edit this commemorative volume (ISBN 978-3-200-02207-2, Eigenverlag,
www.aufbereitung.ac.at) was the 80th anniversary of the Chair of Mineral Processing and Refining at the Mining University of Leoben, which was established in 1930. The publishers knew that the Austrian and Hungarian mining industry played an important role in the development of the scientific and technical discipline “mineral processing”. From 1930 to 1967 Professor Bierbrauer had the Chair of Mineral Processing and Refining. Amongst other things, he was the co-author of the book “Die Flotation in...

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Issue 05/2013

Mineral Processing in Austria II

Festschrift on the occasion of 75th birthday of the retired full university professor, Dipl.-Ing. Dr. mont. Hans Jörg Steiner

The history of science and technology has always also been a history of personalities. Helmut Flachberger and other editors made it their business to pay tribute to such a personality with the...

Issue 12/2011

Mineral Processing Seminar 2012

The committee of mineral processing experts from the Austrian Mining Association (BVÖ) will organize the annual, two-day specialist seminar in Leoben from 26 to 27 January 2012. This time the general...

Issue 05/2013

12. Leoben Miner’s Day 2012 – EUMICON European Mineral Resource Conference

RAW MATERIALS ARE THE FUTURE – The supply of modern society with mineral raw materials between the conflicting demands of technology, growth and sustainability” was the topic of the ­Leobener...

Issue 06/2015

Report on the annual meeting “Mineral Processing and Recycling 2014” in Freiberg

On 12 and 13 November 2014 about 150 experts in the field of mineral processing and recycling again met on the occasion of their annual meeting in the event hall “Old Refectory” of the Freiberg...

Issue 01-02/2024 Review

Symposium for mineral processing technology 2023

Processing experts meet once a year in March in Freiberg – the event has become a permanent fixture at which not only experts from the university sector, but also many specialists from industry,...