Lasts twice as long

Tsubaki, the manufacturer of drive and conveying chains, presents a new conveying chain in the FB series, especially for bucket elevators. Combined with sprockets of special design, the solid lubricated conveying chain makes it possible to double the service life. The noise generation is low, even during the transport of the most different bulk solids such as limestone or coal.


Bucket elevators handle highly abrasive materials, such as fly ash, coal or coke. In the case of standard conveying chains (Fig. 1) without special design features, it is possible that the material penetrates into the chain between bolts and bushing. The consequence is abrasive wear in the chain pintle that may lead to a clearly shortened lifetime of the conveying chain. The special design of the FB series (Fig. 2) from Tsubaki minimizes the penetration of abrasive material and ensures the lubrication between bolts and bushings over a long period, which is important for the lifetime of the chain. Thus, the wear resistance is doubled compared to the previous series and the noise is reduced on average by 2 dB.


The FB series also includes sprockets with patented, exchangeable and flame-sprayed tooth profiles. With this combination of chain and sprocket, the bucket elevators can be operated longer and with less noise.


Doubling the lifetime

O-rings are used between the link plates of the new bucket conveying chain. Their sealing function prevents the material from penetrating into the interior of the chain between bolts and bushing. Furthermore, the seals ensure that the lubricant will stay where it is most needed, i.e. between bolts and bushing. In the FB series a solid lubricant with high antiseizing properties is used ensuring a clean operation of the bucket elevator. The solid lubricant and the O-rings essentially contribute to a high wear resistance and a long service life of the chain. Together with the patented, special flame-sprayed toothed segments of the sprockets, double the lifetime is achieved by the operators compared to previous generations.


Operation with less noise

Due to the sealed solid lubricant, the noise generation is reduced on average by 2 dB, compared to the previous bucket elevator chains in the FB series. The patented toothed segments of the sprocket can be easily dismantled and re-mounted (Fig. 3). Thus, intensive expenditure of time and cost is reduced for the benefit of less operating costs (TCO).

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