Flexible, fast and reliable

The earth-moving specialist Martin Fragner and his team, based in Rappottenstein/Lower Austria, is certified to undertake all types of blasting work, which are the first necessary step in many earthmoving and excavation jobs. Besides traditional earthmoving work, the company‘s range of services also includes riprap work, material comminution, gravel production as well as demolition and rubble-recycling. To set standards in terms of the quality of the finished material, company owner Martin Fragner opted for a Rockster R900 impact crusher, which not only perfect complements the existing array of machines, but also guarantees ideal finished grain with optimum compaction properties.

The Rockster R 900 is currently used in a small serpentinite quarry in the Lower Austrian forest region (Fig.). The material is blasted, crushed and then used for the construction and consolidation of forest roads. Besides this rock, a large number of other materials with sometimes demanding crushing behaviour is processed. These include excavated earth and “flins” (a coarse, angular primary rock commonly found in the region) as well as blue granite. Here the contractor Martin Fragner sees one of the main reasons for why he has opted for Rockster after relatively long test phases and the comparison of various machines. Besides capacity and finished grain quality, the simple accessibility of all technical components is another advantage of the R900, as service and maintenance can be easily and quickly carried out by the on-site team.

Kormann Rockster Recycler GmbH, Ennsdorf (A),

Tel.: +43 7223-81-000, www.rockster.at


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