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Dear Readers

Is it often difficult for you to make the right selection from the great number of conferences taking place today? Busy schedules and the many and varied topics make it difficult to make the decision regarding at which of these worldwide events it would be necessary to participate. Essentially, the questions arise: what are the topics, could interesting discussions be expected as regards the topics selected, will it be possible to make new contacts in your own field of activities? In spite of many years of experience gained in a certain area, do you still encounter new events where you perhaps do not want to take part immediately, but nevertheless, you would still like to be informed about the most important presentations to be given there?

This is the purpose of our column “Follow-ups” – our reports on events. Here we want to give you an informative summary of the contents of the most important lectures in the field of mineral processing, i.e. who presented which topics, how many participants attended the event and, if it is a regular event, you will already find information as regards the next conference. Frequently our editorial board takes part at conferences, amongst other things, in order to report on them, or authors or even the organizers themselves will provide us with an overview. We invite you to read the report on the 4th specialist conference “Kies + Sand kompakt” (Gravel + Sand Compact) by the Federal German Association of the Gravel and Sand Industries (p. 18) as well as the report by Prof. Heegn, one of the organizers of the conference “Aufbereitung und Recy-cling 2009” (Mineral Processing and Recycling 2009), which was arranged by the UVR-FIA GmbH in Freiberg (p. 20 –29).

We wish you many interesting new discoveries!         



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