bauma 2010 – RUD-Erlau AG

At bauma 2010 RUD-Erlau will present the latest advances in tyre protection and traction chain technology. Investment in R&D, advanced metallurgy and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities enable RUD-Erlau to deliver lighter, stronger, more durable and more effective meshes within tight deadlines. RUD-Erlau’s TPCs are more than doubling the kilometres-life of costly tyres and aiding mobile plant safety in mines, quarries, steel foundries, demolition, scrap handling and glass recycling. Along with the S75 Plus, the company has recently brought significant improvements and savings to underground mining with the TORO X19 chain series (Fig.). Designed for low-profile loaders, the TORO X19 combines all-important sidewall protection with a 30  % improvement in abrasion resistance and a commensurately longer service life. In the Chilean Andes, RUD-Erlau’s TERRAPLUS traction chain has been adopted as the main means of keeping 400 t, copper-carrying Komatsu´s on-track over icy haul-roads.


RUD-Erlau AG, Aalen (D), +49 7361 595-3496,

Hall C2, Stand 311/406


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