EMDE Industrie-Technik GmbH

With the internationally patented Batchbin® system (Fig.), EMDE Industrie-Technik has developed a flexible plant concept to meet the growing requirements for powder production plants. A batch shuttle, the “Batchbin”, collects all additives for a particular recipe and transfers these materials to the next process, usually to a mixer. The mixture is transported by a special conveying system, allowing the movement of the shuttle in every direction, horizontal and vertical. This enables the integration of all feeding stations, both existing and future-installed feeding stations, in the circuit. The finished feed batch can then be transferred at any point required, even on other levels or in adjoining buildings. Long mechanical or pneumatic transport routes with the danger of product loss and contamination are eliminated.


Provisions can be made for all possible later extensions in the design, enabling later docking whenever required. The modular system enables practically any arrangement of all the individual components of a complex ensiling, batching, mixing and filling plant. In addition, from an average mixing plant size, up to four product lines can be easily supplied with different finished products. The special design of the stainless steel shuttles and a multi-stage ventilation system ensure complete emptying. Depending on requirements, additional piston vibrators or tappers are installed to guarantee discharge. Four self-closing special valves at the top of the shuttle enable the simultaneous addition of more than one additive as well as an exhaust air connection for high feed rates. Special centring and sensors guarantee exact docking at the stations. EMDE has also developed a model that functions with difficult powder products. The standard shuttle with 1250-l volume is adapted to one pallet size.
A junior system with 550 l is used to put together low-quantity components and a 1600 l shuttle covers the range of plants with the highest capacities.


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