New roads made of old material

The demand for increasing quantites of reclaimed asphalt (RA) is becoming ever more evident, particularly in European countries such as Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland. This one-time waste product – which is gaining recognition as a valuable raw material – has meanwhile found its way into virtually every recipe for quality asphalt. Ammann‘s innovative concept for processing RA goes a whole lot further: It enables addition rates of up to 100  %. The new drying and heating unit (Fig.) from the house of Ammann is based on the counter-flow principle and can heat up to 240 t of asphalt granules per hour. The material has no direct flame contact and is therefore gently heated to the right temperature. Furthermore, the improved drying and heating process improves efficiency in comparison to conventional systems, thereby enabling fuel savings of around 10  %. The discharge temperatures equate to those of an installable asphalt mixture. Several plants of this type are currently operating in Germany and Switzerland. It enables the production of binder courses consisting of 100  % asphalt granules.


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