VHV Anlagenbau GmbH

AT: Give us a catchword that in your opinion best characterizes the SOLIDS 2015

VHV: Material handling

AT: What are the novelties or products, respectively, you will present at the SOLIDS 2015?

VHV: As regards scrapers and belt conveying systems, VHV
Anlagenbau with its modular system components has comprehensive unique selling points that offer considerable advantages to the customers in the bulk solids industry. Profitability and safety must be brought down to a common denominator. Smooth belts are a decisive component for cost-effective, low-maintenance and long-life conveying. With VHV Anlagenbau it is even possible as steep-incline conveying system up to vertical transportation without bucket elevators or pocket conveyors. Double belt conveyors and cover belt conveyors from VHV run with the smooth belts usual in the trade, which can be cleaned.

AT: What is the special feature of the SOLIDS 2015 in your opinion?

VHV: Our primary concern is the presentation of products, the attraction of new customers and human relations, which we will use to generate corresponding projects and orders.

AT: How do you assess the future development of your business field?

VHV: The pressure of prices from abroad is continuously increasing. We respond with system improvements and corresponding price adjustments.

Hall 4 - Stand E 10



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