TML Technik GmbH

TML Technik GmbH

At the bauma 2019 TML will be showing its new UNIDACHS 110 demolishing machine, which has been developed especially as a manipulator for a diverse range of attachments. For the first time there is an unusually small and compact machine designed for working in very tight spaces and where working space and height is restricted; the radio remote controls allow the operator to work at a safe distance.

The new UNIDACHS 110 stands out of the crowd with its compact design and a unique 360° endlessly rotatable boom, high manoeuvrability and a strong hydraulic drive. The width of the undercarriage is only 1315 mm and the height is 1635 mm. This allows access to working areas in tunnels or buildings that are not easily accessible for other machines. Due to the remote operation, the operator is always at a safe distance.

Compared with mini-excavators with an articulated arm it has a further degree of motion. The 360° boom rotation, combined with the double articulated cantilever boom offers a very high level of flexibility: Attachments – i.e. rotary drum cutters, hydraulic hammers, ripper buckets, ripper hooks, shears, pulverisers or buckets – can be utilised at almost any required angle of the profile or surface to be worked on.

The machine is optimal for applications in tunnels, mines, the demolition or dismantling of buildings as well as for de-bricking rotary cement kilns. Despite the compact size of the machine, depending on the attachment, in combination with the kinematics of the boom a working radius of up to 5000 mm can be reached. Every point of a cross gallery profile from which material needs to be removed can be more or less reached without re-positioning the machine.

Volker Bongardt, International Sales Manager at TML Technik GmbH, sees great advantages for his customers: "The machine users appreciate the combination of the cantilever-boom and the boom rotation, especially the fact that they are able to work from a single position and at the same time reach areas that was not possible in the past. Demolition robots and mini excavators with articulated booms do not offer this kind of kinematics. Our customers are now able to profit through the multi functionality known from other machines that we build: The flexibility of the continuously rotary boom and the compact design of the radio remote demolishing robot.“

The machines are available with a choice of diesel-hydraulic or electro-hydraulic drives. Diesel engines have either 26 kW (EU Stage 3a) or 18,5 kW (EPA TIER 4), the electro-hydraulic unit has 25 kW.

„Mining-Package“ offering optimal protection for operator and machine

At the bauma 2019 TML will also be showing one of its mining machines, the UNIDACHS 740 „Scaler“. The machine has a high specifation. „Mining Package“ which is a special concept for the mining and tunnelling applications. The UNIDACHS‘ 360° rotary, telescopic boom offers a high range of flexibility as well as a long reach while the height of the machine is relatively low, allowing quite large sections to be profiled in a very safe manner.

The "Mining Package" adapts the UNIDACHS 740 "Scaler" to the extreme conditions underground: In addition to the unique kinematics of the telescopic boom, the package offers comprehensive protection for the machine operators. The operators cabin has a Falling Objects Protection System (FOPS) installed on the roof and on the front screen which is made of armoured safety glass; the cabin is tiltable so that the operator has an optimal upward view.

Above that the machine itself is protected for the typical underground mining and tunneling environment: i.e. TML hides the hydraulic hoses away in a guide system inside the telescopic boom. This ensures that the hoses are protected against any damage, in the case that loose rocks or debris falls onto the boom while working. This measure not only increases the availability of the machine, it also reduces the risk of hydraulic oil leakages to almost zero. A robust steel housing closes off the inside of the machine to prevent the ingress of any foreign objects. In addition there are particularly high-intensity xenon working lights, bumper protection rails for the superstructure, armoured glass in the front area of the cabin roof, protective covers for the boom guide rollers, deflector plates in the front area of the main boom, dirt deflectors brushes between the main and telescopic booms, as well as a camera system that allows you to see to the rear and to the side areas.

Volker Bongardt, International Sales Manager at TML Technik GmbH, knows the rough conditions under which his machines have to work: “Our design is very cost-conscious, but there are two aspects where no costs are spared: the safety of the operators and the availability of our machine. All structures of the machine are made of steel and not of plastic.”

In mining and tunnelling, the UNIDACHS 740 "Scaler" is suitable, among other things, for scaling with a breaker, a ripper or a rotary drum cutter, as well as different types of buckets for clearing of debris, profiling of tunnel sections, or breaking through cross galleries. In addition, it can be used as a carrier machine for i.e. drilling rigs, setting tools for bows and anchors. TML Technik is also setting a new benchmark with the combination of the 360-degree rotating boom with swash-spray nozzles for concrete.

TML supplies the machines with either diesel with 180 KW or with an electro motor drive with 132 KW which among other things reduces the demands for ventilation extremely. The 360° rotary telescopic boom covers a working angle range of +33° and -74°. With a telescopic stroke of 4000 mm and a 2,5 m long attachment a total reach of up to 14 m is possible. The „Scaler“ achieves a boom rotation torque of 32 kN m and telescopic push and pull forces of 150 kN.

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