Annual industry meeting

18th Conference Belt Conveyors and their Elements

Überlandförderer – Wüste im Nahen Osten • Overland conveyor – Middle East desert

Überlandförderer – Wüste im Nahen Osten • Overland conveyor – Middle East desert
T‌he annual conveyor belt meeting offers again 14 lectures by renowned experts during the 18th Conference Belt Conveyors and their Elements on March 16 to 17, 2022 at Haus der Technik, Essen/Germany. On day one 8 presentations are given: After the key-note ESG and the Supply Chains for Battery Minerals, lectures about empirical knowledge CO2-reduction for international mining projects, simulation as key for fast and safe installation of the Los Pelambres project, a special focus follows with 3 projects on iron ore terminal with 26 conveyors, construction and installation of a ship loader, and the challenges for inspection and maintenance work for ship loaders and unloaders. Lectures about CEMA drive drum strength requirements and steep incline conveying close the lectures of the first day.


On day two 6 presentations are given: The first lecture gives insights in putting a scraper-extractor into operation, and a second focus with 4 lectures based on experience gained in numerous plant projects: the most common damage cases and processing of claims for belt conveyors evaluated by an independent expert, methods for improving reliability and monitoring of the belt conveyor project, digital services for belt conveyors in general, special services for conveyor belt cleaning systems. The lecture Explosive dusts from different sources as they are more often resulting by using alternative fuels in power and cement plants is given as the final lecture of day two.


The 18th Conference is scheduled as a Live-Event, the option to participate online is given. An exhibition of belt conveyor products and services will be offered in parallel. An evening event on day one is also scheduled as is a technical excursion to Bergbaumuseum Bochum on day two (Mining Museum Bochum) with museum exhibitions above ground and a re-created underground pit-mine.


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