14th Conference on belt conveyors and their elements

The Haus der Technik (House of   Technology) in Essen invites to the annual one-and-a-half-day-industry meeting place entitled “All about the belt conveyor” from 14th to 15th March 2018 - with accompanying product exhibition, a joint event on the evening of the 1st day and excursions to the thyssenkrupp port and blast furnace operation Schwelgern in the afternoon of the 2nd day. The 14th symposium will be led by Dipl.-Ing. Günter Busse, REMA TIP TOP AG. A total of 14 experts will present their latest projects, the current state of the art and future trends with regard to planning, selection and design of belt conveyor components and systems.


Following an introductory lecture on the Li-extraction from the Bolivian salt lakes, three new conveying projects will be introduced: the copper surface mining Oyu Tolgoi in Mongolia, overland conveyors in the USA and bidirectional conveyor systems in tunnel construction. The next point on the agenda will be four lectures on modern drive concepts for conveyor systems as well as two presentations on dust extraction concepts for belt transfer points. A further three lectures will deal with the extended lifetime of belts: preventive measures to minimize longitudinal tears in belts, measures for the improvement of the life expectancy of a conveyor belt with tribological methods as well as cover plates for conveyor belts.


You will receive detailed information on the lecture program and on the excursions as well as on the accompanying product exhibition and the participation fees from Dipl.-Ing. Brigitte Doleschel, or online:



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