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Throw screening from the beginning of the 20th century AD to the present demonstrated by the example of indirectly excited throw screening machines

Summary: The development of engineering sciences played an important role in the

screening practice from the 20th century. Growing requirements, as regards increasing variety, fineness and throughputs of the materials to be screened led to the further development of existing or new screening principles for the classification of special materials to be screened. This development is demonstrated by the example of throw screening focussing on the indirectly excited screening machines. Directly excited throw screening machines will be the topic of a third contribution.

1 The influence of engineering sciences on the screening practice in the 20th century taking into account demographic facts

The scientific-technical revolution, beginning in the 19th and continued in the 20th century, caused enormous changes in engineering, science, economy and society. Various branches of engineering experienced a considerable upward trend [1] and basic sciences such as mathematics, physics and chemistry received an important impetus. In about the mid-20th century, the engineering sciences became established as independent technical-scientific disciplines, such as mechanical...

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Throw screening from the beginning of the 20th century to the present demonstrated by the example of directly excited throw screening machines

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