Complete sorting solutions to world-wide recycling markets

The demand to efficiently increase recycling quotas, metal recovery and/or purify reclaimed materials continues to grow. Primary resources have become considerably scarcer in the past, forcing us to recycle even more efficiently. In order to offer recycling technologies for any sorting demand today and in the future, Best/Belgium and Toratec Recycling Solutions/Spain have joined forces in a new venture. As the inventor of laser scanner sorting technology, Best strengthened its technological leadership in 2009 by introducing SWIR and Super Continuum laser technology. Best‘s X-ray inspection line has been expanded by a Multi Spectral X-ray imaging system enabling to solve the most difficult sorting problem.

Best Toratec offers the Know How of more than 35 years in the manufacture of sorting technologies, with more than 3500 installations than 50 countries world-wide serving content customers around the globe. Companies processing and recycling valuable resources now have access to a worldwide network providing the best solutions for maximizing material recovery with limited loss and highest separation qualities (Fig. 1). The EcoSort series from Best Toratec involves a wide range of proven sensor based sorting systems with different kinds of rejection methods. The EcoSort product range will be further enhanced with new sorting systems developed by the newly formed company presently and in the future. The machines are designed for the recycling market only and they are a combination of proven Toratec technology with the high performance sensor technologies of Best developments in the past 3,5 decades.


Next to standard stand-alone sensor based sorting machines, Best Toratec offers complete all-round separation systems for recycling, i.e. enabling the recovery of non-ferrous metals from post shredder materials or plastic separation from WEEE. Furthermore they will also introduce sorting solutions for NIR applications in demolition waste, household and industry waste processing, and many more.


Best Toratec has developed a new concept, the patent pending EcoTowerSort system (Fig. 2), for handling recyclable materials on a small scale with maximum result. It is not only the combination of sensor technology and special mechanical parts to separate the right material from the wrong; it all starts with the right material handling, the presentation of the material to the detection area and the follow up of the two streams after sorting step 1, 2, 3 and more. The Best Toratec EcoTowerSort combines different sensor technologies stacking to one single machine and is a smart way to improve the non ferrous dry sorting line, to reduce costs, to improve their customers business and raise their income. This system is easy to maintain and reduces the sorting installation to the maximum while reducing your waste stream and raising the quantity of your resources.


With the EcoTowerSort design Best Toratec combines multiple sorting steps on a small space and increases capacity and quality at the same time. By using a clever stacking system their standard machine design can be stacked on top of each other to combine different sorting steps in one sorting tower. Using the same footprint, a Magnet, ECS, induction sensors, optical sensors and others can be combined in an online constant material flow without interfering your material handling. Different from traditional NF-Sorting plants, where the material stream has to be transported by external vibrating feeders, conveyors or even front loaders, the EcoTowerSort principle guarantees a perfect material presentation in the machines, a wide monolayer and best possible spreading on the belts or slides before the detection takes place. Thus the material is fed into the system only once and sorted online in different output fractions – in one single step.

With a large engineering department for R&D and constant product care combined with multiple test machines in a fully equipped Test & Demo Center, Best Toratec customers can convince themselves from the quality of EcoSort products, the machine design and manufacture.

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