Drum dryers or fluidized bed dryers

Criteria for selecting dryers for use in the minerals, chemicals and recycling industries

Summary: In sometimes fierce competition, the various dryer suppliers promote the technology of their particular dryer range. This has led to uncertainty among users with regard to selecting the right or optimal drying system. One common dilemma is the decision for or against the use of drum dryers (rotary kiln dryers) or fluidized bed dryers (vibration ­fluidized bed dryers). While in some cases the two systems overlap with regard to their suitability for a particular application, a number of criteria exist to aid decision making in favour of one or the other type of dryer for the respective application, as explained in the following paper.

With its wide range of different drying systems, Allgaier can supply both fluidized bed and drum dryers of different types. On the basis of its experience of many reference applications, it can provide recommendations to users in the construction materials and minerals industries, the ceramics and chemicals industries, the waste-derived raw materials and recycling industries as well as interested plant suppliers with regard to choosing an optimal drying system tailored to the specific application.


Here product-specific criteria such as

• particle size and particle size distribution

• product...

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